Raw & Rustic Style

The use of raw wood and rustic earthy tones within interior design is a dedicated staple when it comes to calming contemporary style. In the latest photography book by Swedish stylist Hans Blomquist ‘Inspired by Nature: Creating a Personal & Natural Interior’ he explores the pure and organic, producing some stunningly evocative and beautiful imagery. Here I list 4 ways in which we can use Hans’ work as inspiration within our own homes:



Having a space that is drenched in moody neutrals and natural colour tones is a great way to make your space have a composed and restorative impression. With an abundance of eco-friendly paints on the market, experiment with texture by picking a clay-based pigment to capture the look and feel of natural landscapes bringing the ‘outside’ in.



Building textures helps the vibe of your space seem warm, embracing and restful, such as natural toned tiling along the walls, the inclusion of exquisite artwork and curious materials adorned over unexpected surfaces. Homely comfort can be derived from these unusual elements, play with shapes and scale and your interior will feel simplistically serene and inviting.



Search your local charity shops or antique markets for the unique, bizarre and engaging. Placing an old vase or piece of artwork that isn’t in perfect condition but has a wealth of personality and sense of history, can make your home feel characterful. As well as shop finds, search your local parks and beaches for found objects such as stones, shells, twigs and discarded ropes. You will be surprised how these pieces can add an expectational warmth to a decorated vignette.



Do not stick to one material or fabric, be adventurous and combine an array of rough with the smooth. A sumptuous velvet sofa with a raw wool throw can feel and look cosy as well as refined, or linen drapery with a grainy wooden headboard in a bedroom can transport you to a rural peaceful haven.