Greenery – Colour of the Year 2017

Described as a “refreshing and revitalizing shade”, Pantone have set the scene for this year’s interior trends with a colour that is playful yet calming. With 2016 being a year of social and political disarray, they have created a far more restful and encouraging tone with this colour that we are so clearly craving. “New Beginnings” the anthem of our new year mind-sets comes into play here, with Greenery signifying the idea of starting afresh, getting back to nature and simplifying the complexity of our modern lives.


Our most recent completed project is a prime example of how decorating with Greenery can be fun, varied and a bold way to inject some hope and playfulness into your home. We suggest a few ways in which this can be done:


Using Greenery as your main palette, you can bring a homely and warm feel into your space by introducing textures. Natural woods, patterned wallpapers and textured materials like linen and wool will make your space feel renewed with this splash of colour. Also, including botanic and plant life plays with the outdoor/ indoor concept in interior design.


Going against the recognisable idea of a ‘country home’ style, darker tones within the Greenery palette can be utilised to create a more dramatic and theatrical space. Team it with navy or charcoal shades, continuing the trend for dark interiors, a sophisticated and stylish approach to the Greenery palette.


The more adventurous might like to embrace the strong personality of Greenery, introducing an early summer vibe and ambiance into your home. Greenery can be an accent colour, or you could be brave and use it confidently creating a bright, cheerful room full of vivacious elements. Either way this injects a boost of energy into your home, just the spring pick me up we all need to motivate and revitalise ourselves.


However you decide to feature Greenery into your home, fashion choices or lifestyle remember the mantra that Pantone have been inspired by: The symbolism of new beginnings, the breakthrough of a new day and the breath we should all stop to take as we contemplate moving forward with momentum and enthusiasm.

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