Macabre Style

When thinking of Macabre interiors, it is easy to picture ghastly and over the top quirks thrown into a space leaving you feeling unsettled. However, this needn’t be the case – in fact there is a growing trend for macabre style homes featuring gothic flourishes that can create a bold and serene interior. You can set your home apart by incorporating surprising ornamental pieces, playing with light and dark and curating vintage and antique finds that are both unusual and dramatic. I can show three ways to inject some macabre into your style aesthetic:


Creating a colour palette that combines rich colours and dark hues intensifies a space and adds an element of drama to your interior. Dark painted walls or gothic inspired wallpaper can add a lush glamour that is easy to play with and creates a sense of magic. Ambient lighting will refocus attention and create a calming and exquisite opulence that is as sophisticated as it is intimate.


A key element within Macabre interiors can be the use of taxidermy, once a signature element of traditional country style, taxidermy now has a place in contemporary homes and can work within various interiors from Scandinavian to Industrial. The more unusual the taxidermy, such as armadillos, cobras and toads; the more macabre the space. Yet we can also use deer antlers, bird taxidermy for instance parrots and pheasants to inject some striking and theatrical design into a room.



Antiques treasures work well within a macabre theme, one of a kind oddities that are special, unique and lend to the moody and charming panache. Versatile vintage pieces with rich colours and darkened wood, teamed with an abundance of texture create a magnificent yet serious style. The use of old vintage mirrors that reflect a distorted image can craft a weird and wonderful tone to a space.


I adore the strange and unique and this is exactly what Macabre interiors represent. A home that tells a story and can capture beauty within the eccentric and unexpected pieces that alone may seem odd, but pieced together create a commanding space of mystique and allure.


Blog post written by Jalan Robertson – originally featured on