Highland Hygge

The beginning of the year can often bring about a sense of ‘January Blues’. The anti-climactic finish to festive celebrations, the start of diets and endless exercise regimes, the cold and bitter weather – it is easy to feel downcast and miserable. However, we have found a way to prevent this depressed state and it involves the Danish phenomena of ‘Hygge’.



Loosely translated as an appreciation of the simple things we enjoy, it involves the Nordic obsession with comfort and cosiness in the home. Moving to the Scottish countryside has inspired me to combine the sentiment of Hygge with the traditional Scottish Highlands and I have come up with a list of 5 ways you can introduce Highland Hygge to your home.



In order to create an intimate and cosy atmosphere, candles can be utilised making sure your space is relaxing and uplifting. I like to use divine scents from Anta or Skye Candles to add a touch of highland luxury, and combining your twinkling candle light with a wood burning fireplace is the best way to guarantee your space is homely, relaxed and typical of a highland country home. It is said the Danish burn more candles than anyone else in Europe, and considering they are also one of the happiest countries in the world it is no coincidence that candles can bring us peace, tranquilly and a sense of joy.



A significant way to achieve comfort at home is ensuring you have plenty snug and welcoming textiles around. Cosying up on the sofa in front of the fireplace is the best way to unwind and take relief from the bleak and bitter winter nights, and investing in a soft and indulgent blanket or throw is a must for your home. Embracing the highland winters and wrapping up warm can deliver an ambiance of serenity and contentment, even throwing on an oversized sweater or some thick fluffy socks ensures you feel blissful and cosy.



There is nothing more soothing during the Scottish winter months than starting your day with a big bowl of hearty, delicious porridge – I love to add some honey for extra sweetness and decadence. It is the ultimate way to take delight in a simple and repetitive daily activity, and enjoying this meal with others such as your family can set you off on the right track first thing in the morning. The comfort and warmth you can get from this unfussy breakfast or a warm cup of tea is key to a Highland Hygge lifestyle which focuses on the contentment of basic pleasures and the togetherness of friends and family.



Nordic interior style focuses on natural materials such as wood and leathers. This is in correlation with a Highland Hygge design aesthetic, an application of raw, organic fabrics and furnishings. Wood floorings matched with comfy rugs, leather seats and sofas teamed with plush, sumptuous cushions and throws are crucial to creating a reassuring and cosy home. A neutral and pared back palette can be calming and unflustered and reflect the sentiment of both Scotland and Danish style, rich in comfort and a connection within the home.



The best way to achieve a Highland Hygge atmosphere in your home is to turn off all tech devices and embrace the stillness and composure of a home where you can escape the daily pressures and stresses of modern life. The indulgence that comes with a house that focuses on simple enjoyments such as watching an open fire, taking a restful nap or reading a book cover to cover is immense. Take pleasure in modest activities and the feel gratitude.



A Highland Hygge home focuses on the well-being of the individual, and this is just what we seek during those first few months of any year. An escape and retreat in the wilderness from our sometimes brutal icy and wintry weather, taking solace in your home and a concentration on the simple comforts which you reside in. It is fairly easy to add some modern and traditional touches in your home generating a gentle and soothing atmosphere where you can truly embrace the Highland Hygge lifestyle and live cosily and blissfully.