8 ideas for decorating your hallway 

An often overlooked and underutilised part of our home, hallways tend to be ignored when styling and decorating. Nonetheless there are countless examples online and within interior design magazines where individuals have adapted a hallway to show off their personality whilst also allowing this transitional area of the home to become the star of the show.

Here I list 8 ideas for decorating your hallway: 


Hallways need not be a minimalist neutral space with whitewashed walls, wooden floors and not much else going on. You can experiment with your subjective taste introducing adventurous colours, vivid patterns, and warm textures. Communicate your style and brighten up your home, injecting a mood boost every time you come and go. 

2. WFH

If you are struggling for space in a WFH world, hallways are a superb unexploited zone that can easily be modified to contain a desk to work from. A fold down desk, alcove or even pocket recess can fashion a WFH area that is productive yet stylish. Transform the hallway into a practical and necessary space without comprising your interior taste and décor needs. 



Why not dowse your entire hallway in one favourable colour palette for the ultimate design impact. You can be daringly bold and pick one tone or select a couple complimentary hues that will ensure your hallway is a focal point within your interior design.


A classic technique in decorating hallways, mirrors will expand and lighten your frequently narrow and modest space. One large mirror can feel grand and almost dramatic, or be inventive, selecting multiple mirrors and aligning them down your hallway building a never-ending visual effect to your space.


Why not use your hallway as a gallery to parade and exhibit your collection of wall art. A marvellous way to present your preferred art or photography whilst also usefully decorating vacant wall space within your home.


Hallways tend to feel a little darker and are often without windows, so selecting lighting can be tricky. However, you can layer lights producing altered effects and moods through sconces, chandeliers, pendants, table lights as well as recessed flushed lights. 


A hallway can be a place to craft a design statement, though colour, furnishings, or architecture. There are no rules that say you cannot show off who you are and what you love within your home. Why not play with scale picking sizeable décor pieces such as a giant vase or chair that you would not normally think to position in a narrow space. Rule number 7 is there are no rules! 



The look and feel of a hallway can be transformed by the flooring choice, whether you opt for comfort and cosiness with carpets and rugs, or sleek elegant design with hard wood flooring or tiling. Decorate and render a feature of your hallway flooring, certifying that it seamlessly adjoins with other rooms in the home.