8 ways to Style your Laundry Space

If you are anything like me and you love peeking on the socials into the organisation and cleaning methods of others, then you must also adore the notion of a ‘laundry space’. A nook, cupboard or even a room that is dedicated to washing machines, clothing orderliness and general utility storage. After the last few years of sparking joy with Marie Kondo and getting a real nosey into celebrity mansions with the Home Edit, the laundry space has become a staple in many of our homes. Nonetheless, it is vital to remember that this space need not be a boring, chore ridden environment, instead we can take snippets of what we see online and incorporate these interior décor tips regardless of square footage. 

Here I list 8 ways to style your laundry space:


Baskets are a straightforward solution for storage that is also visually pleasing. Nothing is more dull than plain old plastic boxes to stow our utility or laundry products. Why not add some décor magic by investing in super versatile baskets that suit any interior style, from Minimalist to Boho, Country to Cottagecore. 

2. BOLD 

A customary interior tip is to be courageous with our style in smaller spaces, such as an ensuite bathroom or in this case a laundry area. This means we can experiment, daring to go a little bolder yet not overpowering or distracting from the rest of our home. Select a vibrant wallpaper for your backdrop, with big prints and bright colours. This will not only add some visual interest to an otherwise mundane space, but it will also inject a little happiness and give you a boost whenever you enter. 


Our obsession with Cottagecore and all things vintage does not seem to be subsiding, so why not embrace some of this within your laundry room. Allow yourself to be influenced by old fashioned features such as concertina airers and clothing rails or drying racks. Even tiny details such as antique wooden pegs add a décor touch that feels nostalgic, eco-friendly, and wholesome. 


Habitually a laundry room will be limited size wise, so it is an effective point to try and keep as much off the floor as possible to enhance your sense of space. Storage racks, hanging pegs and wall shelving all help achieve a sense of organisation whilst providing that much needed storage space to keep your home feeling tidy and orderly.


A laundry or utility room will often contain an extra sink for practical usage such as soaking clothing stains, cleaning shoes and boots or even washing pets. This sink must be durable and multipurpose, but it can also be stylish and appealing. Deep Belfast sinks are practical yet tie in with a country chic feel that will encourage you to complete your chores rather then it being a hassle.


If you are limited size wise yet have a hallway area, you can custom this space to feel dedicated to your laundry and utility needs with built in benches and cupboard units. This clever design technique ensures you have the all-important storage space, without taking away from the décor and interior style of your home. 



Another popular detail to a laundry space in recent years has been the ‘skirtain’, a fabric used to cover open storage or a space usually under the sink. This also complements that retro impression we discussed earlier, fitting in with Cottagecore or Chintz homes. Selecting and personalising your fabric ensures it will fit in with your very own interior style whether that be Eclectic, Modern, or Traditional. 


Drenching your laundry area in one colour is a fabulous way to add delight and wonder into a space otherwise dedicated to that which we consider to be tedious, dreary necessities. Be vast and intense with your favourite tone or hue, whether it is bubbly pink, sunshine yellow or moody blue, there is no wrong choice