Small Space Styling: Tiny Bathrooms

In the second of my Small Space Styling series, I explore the bathroom and present examples of how to decorate with savvy storage, innovative layouts and elegant concepts that make a modest space feel abundant.


It is a wonderful idea to make use of all wall space within small bathrooms, installing shelving for storage, hooks for hanging towels and radiators for warmth. A shower and bath combo can save a lot of space as well as an alcove shelf within the shower for added toiletries. You can even insert a false wall to hide unattractive pipe work whilst also creating a very useful shelf for accessories and decorative features like artwork or plants.


There is a tendency to lean towards comparable materials when decorating a small bathroom as people think we need to keep designs simple, nevertheless mixing materials and textures can also improve a sense of space. Wooden shelving units teamed with marble details and tiled flooring can all enhance the refinement and elegance within a tiny space.


When decorating a small bathroom try to embrace curves rather than rigid boxed pieces such as basins and baths. A curved freestanding bath cuts corners, boosting the appearance of space as well as adding an impression of comfort and calm.


Appending a floating vanity unit creates an illusion of vast space underneath and is also very handy for any items we would want to display like baskets with towels or toilet paper. Opt for a unit with additional storage cupboards as these are always a god send within a tiny bathroom.


As mentioned previously, walls are a great tool within smaller bathrooms and by investing in wall mounted furniture you have both storage as well as a design feature that allows for a generous sense of roominess. Wall mounted furniture is often simplistic and fuss free and you can even design bespoke pieces that suit your small bathroom exactly as you need it.


My last tip is the oldest one in the book when it comes to generating an illusion of space within tiny interiors – the use of a mirror. Place a large mirror above your basin, or even fill the wall with a bespoke one, floor to ceiling. Mirrors open rooms and allow for a feeling of composed ease, you can even be imaginative with the design as there are so many choices to select from. Why not make a statement and go for more bold colour frames, or eclectic shapes and sizes to really enhance the stylishness of your tiny bathroom.