Memphis Style

Founded in 1981 Milan, Italy by Ettore Sottsass, The Memphis Group integrated designers and artists that produced unique and ground-breaking fabric, furniture and ceramics. A style characterised by bold, brash patterns and clashing colour palettes, Memphis seemingly responded to customary design and trends preferring to generate any type of reaction, good or bad.

Pushing boundaries within stylised architecture and decor, Memphis was showy and outrageous, an amalgamation of influences (Pop Art, Art Deco, Kitsch). The Memphis Group separated in 1987, nonetheless their impact stood the test of time, and this influence can still be found in design today through the blend of materials and groupings of various styles.

An old bank in Ohio, USA converted into a modern art gallery and yoga studio, decorated by print artist Camille Walala. Dazzling colours and bold geometric shapes are characteristic of Memphis Style. Walala also designed the “Walala In Da House’ exhibition in which quintessential Memphis patterns and features were presented.

New York based interior designer Sasha Bikoff designed this installation ‘Kips Bay Show House’ inspired by Memphis style. Vivid colours and zany patterns juxtapose the traditional, old fashioned architectural features of the townhouse.