How To: create your very own ‘designer bathroom’

With our homes increasingly developing into a space where we unwind, decompress and escape daily stresses, the bathroom in particular has evolved into a habitual haven. You can relax, focus on yourself and dabble in a little ‘self-care’. Creating your very own ‘designer bathroom’ is a fabulous way to inject some luxury and indulgence into your home and I have listed 5 key foundations you can focus on to achieve this:

Delightful brass tap finishes with high quality and exciting tiling makes this bathroom feel like an oasis of calm and tranquility.


One of the main elements of a ‘designer bathroom’ is that wow feeling you get when you first enter! The sense of escapism, glamour and bliss that can be accomplished through a statement feature or an unusual design choice. Whether you invest in high quality materials and finishes such as brass or marble detailing, or you go big with a bold and eye-catching mirror there are many modes of fashioning an exclusive space that will feel sensational.

The addition of some art work and the rustic stool along the bathtub compliments the calming and informal design aesthetic of this bathroom.


A thrilling focal point to any ‘designer bathroom’ the bathtub can transform your space from everyday function to a spa like retreat. Personally, I think the bigger the better (as long as space allows for it) and there really is nothing more tranquil and soothing than taking a long soak in a luxurious bubble bath.

Top Tip: Add a shelf or tray along your bathtub to display some extra pieces such as a book to read or a decorative plant – this can not only provide you with cosy comfort but it will appear unique to your personality and will add a sense of spa like luxury.

A fun way to inject some luxury into your bathroom is to double up your sink space and this example shows how replicated minimalism can be playful and chic.


A sophisticated and glamorous way of spacing out your ‘designer bathroom’ layout is to include room for both you and a significant other. Matching vanity units, sinks and mirrors are a fabulous way to insert some opulence as well as practicality, and there is a sentiment of additional comfort with having your very own area.

Top Tip: Matching vanity sinks can be kept simple and identical but why not add a small tray next to each sink with a few of your personal products to distinguish which is ‘yours’ and which is your ‘significant others’.

Get creative when it comes to stylish storage, like this eclectic inspired bathroom with some boho rattan baskets


Storage can be tricky within bathrooms as often floor space is often very limited, so incorporating clever and innovative cabinetry can take your room from cluttered chaos to serene simplicity. Hidden shelving for practical pieces such as towels and toiletries keeps unwanted items away from view.

Top Tip: Storage can be hidden in cupboards or you can make a visual statement by utilising baskets under sinks or along a window sill. Either way the boring practical products needed in a bathroom are out of view and instead you can only see considered decor details.

Show off only what you want and make sure it is your favourite detail, such as this purist designed haven with only a couple toiletry products out on display.


Your ‘designer bathroom’ can be as slick and stylish as you want but do not forget the little details that make it an oasis for you personally. Your favourite beauty products out on display, a recess shelf for some deliciously smelling shower gel or simply a beautiful vase with fresh florals to brighten up your room. The details are often the ingredient that instils your character into a lavish high end styled ‘designer bathroom’.