10 Ways to Style a Hallway

Often overlooked, the décor and design of your hallway is crucial as it is the link between spaces within your home, a high activity, functional area and the first impression people have once they arrive. In recent studies it was found that 80% of potential home buyers decide whether the home is right for them as soon as they enter the hallway. So, it is central that you do not neglect this space when decorating and it is styled as an extension of your personality and décor taste. 

Here I look at 10 Ways to Style a Hallway:


When styling your hallway, there is nothing more polished and elegant than a striking chandelier or statement pendant light. Do not think that a ‘smaller’ space like your hallway requires a ‘small’ light – go big with extraordinary opulent lighting. This is one of the few times when you can get creative and select a lighting fixture that you may normally have been nervous to go with. A chic stylish light can give the wow factor and set the trendy tone for the rest of your home décor. 



We tend to accumulate a great deal of items through the years, and it can be problematic maintaining order and control of all our ‘stuff’. Utilising hallways as an extension of our bedroom, living room and so on is an astute way to make the most of all the space at home. Incorporating cupboards within the hallway means you can cleverly store your things in an organised fashion. Objects we do not use daily can be placed higher up in these closets whilst the things we need more often, kept within reach further down. Having a prepared system in place is effortless and keeping the cupboards visually consistent with the decor around the rest of our home means we do not compromise on style.  



If your home is open plan, you can form the ‘hallway’ by styling an accent wall near the front entrance. Choose a distinctive wallpaper that feels bold yet seamlessly flows with the rest of your design scheme. Add home accessories and little details like coat hooks or a bench. Distinguish the ‘hallway’ as a separate space and this will successfully zone your home – different areas for different purposes, producing a space where you can playfully put your character and style into. 


The shape and scope of hallways tend to be restrictive when decorating, long narrow rooms with multiple doors and entryways, we often leave our hallways plain style wise as they can be a challenge. However, designer Kevin Isbell has a great tip when decorating your hallway – be daring, bright, and shrewd with your colours, strategically selecting your palette and then carefully deciding where to paint. Kevin suggests painting a wall at the end of the hallway, drawing the eye, expanding, and lengthening the space. ‘You want to keep the eye moving forward in a space like this, so it is important to create a strong focal point at the end’. 


Smaller details in the hallway, such as the hardware, add panache and sophistication to your home, so pay close attention to these as pieces as much as you would a large piece of furniture or the colour scheme. Ensure you organise, coordinate, and match your hardware around the home for a cohesive design scheme. Designer Melanie Roy states ‘hardware can elevate a space and make it feel intentional and polished’.


When decorating and styling our homes, we tend to ignore the back of the front door, yet this is a mistake. Do not allow for any used or unconsidered space in your hallway, the back of the front door can be utilised as a continuation of your decor scheme. I recommend adding a pop of colour that compliments the rest of your style, selecting a hue that is fun and bright yet cohesive with the rest of the hallway and home.



Designer Kevin Isbell states that the hallway entrance is the ‘moment a home introduces itself’ and as such you should pay attention to where your eye goes upon entering. If there is a blank wall, place a gorgeous piece of art that tells the story of ‘who you are’, or a much loved and coveted piece of furniture such as a table, lamp, or chair. Think about that feeling, when after a long hard day at work you come home and step inside the front door into your haven of a home. What will you see that can allow you to feel safe, calm, and content? 


Maintaining a clear and tidy hallway ensures a peaceful and relaxing space, as clutter busies the mind and results in anxiety. The most effective way to keep your hallways neat is to include storage space within the design décor. You can splurge on custom cupboard fittings or budget with second-hand furniture that hides all your items, from the vacuum cleaner to your winter boots. Hidden cubbies and hanging space for bulky clothing and coats means everything you need is to hand, without the burden of having visible disorder and chaos in your hallway. 


There is much advice when it comes to expanding your space, enhancing the impression of a room, and guaranteeing you do not have a restricted and cramped home. Mirror and glass are often utilised to ensure a space feels roomy and by including these materials within your hallway, you complement the magnitude and visual interest in your home. A large mirror or a gallery wall of mirrors will generously increase the scope of your hallway, and an unusual notion would be to use lacquered paints and shimmery wallpapers which will look stylish and feel spacious. 


Entrance hallways tend to have functional needs, whether you take off your shoes and coat or drop your mail off as you arrive home, these practical matters must be considered when styling your space. A simple yet effective way to incorporate a place to drop your keys, mail, or handbag when you arrive home, is to put a console table by the entrance. There is such a variety of designs when it comes to console tables, whether you pick a statement piece with integrated drawers, or if space is an issue, a more slimline table with the addition of home accessories like bowls and baskets for your items. The options are endless and by selecting a style that fits in with the rest of your home you can show off your personality, as well as have a place for your day-to-day items, meaning less clutter and mess along the way.