Maximalist Style

Maximalism is here to stay – it is official! A style rooted in bright juicy colours, an excess of décor and exhilarating personality, maximalism can take your space from plain jane to fabulously OTT. It is all about provoking a positive emotional reaction and being able to truly express oneself. It can be hard to know where to start and how to stop, but it is also one of the most fun and adventurous interior styles. You can bring a dose of maximalist into your home by following these 4 crucial rules:



The key aspect to a maximalist styled home is for there to be an abundance of personality, be unashamed in who you are and how you convey your identity within your space. Think eclectic, rather than cluttered or chaotic and allow your home to bubble over with vibrant character. In Emily Henson’s book ‘Be Bold – Interiors for the brave heart’ she proclaims, “decorate like no one is watching’, meaning SAY YES to as much or as little as you like. Provoke a rebellious reaction through your exotic colours, patterns, scale and textiles.



Maximalist style is all about clashing colours and LOTS OF THEM! Be as imaginative as you can and take inspiration from all around you, for example seek inspiration from colour combinations in fashion and try these out in your home. There can be no rules or restrictions when it comes to expressing yourself through colour, if it makes you feel good then SAY YES. Clashing tones and popping patterns can create grandiose drama, passion and individualism within your interior.



The mood in your maximalist home does not always have to seem loud and overwhelming, it can sometimes be just as powerful to have a hint or touch of eclectic energy. A plain base with some punchy design elements such as a feature wall, sculptural lamps or a fusion of eye-popping rugs can still remain captivating and playfully compelling. You want your home to connect throughout, so be consistent with some of these bold doses of maximalist style. Little by little add surprising and unique decor details with your materials, artwork and accessories, mix old and new to produce an animated and daring home.


For some homeowners being bold is about making a statement with vivid paint on every surface and neon signs on the walls; for others, boldness lies in the details – leopard print and folksy embroidered cushions clashing on a pink sofa, or window frames painted yellow in an otherwise white wall  – Emily Henson



Create an effortlessly cool atmosphere by layering maximalist décor elements within your home concentrating on the finishing touches to truly make a statement. ‘More is more’ when it comes to maximalist style, make gusty design choices and have the confidence to be proud. You want the atmosphere in your space to be joyful, energised and fearless but not feel overstimulating, so pay close attention to your finishing touches and enjoy the endless possibilities that maximalist styling can bring you.