Bookshelf Styling

One of the easiest and fun ways of personalising your space is to focus on home accessorising, and your bookshelf is an enjoyable and achievable way to do this.

Here are some key tips to follow when styling your bookshelves:


Are your shelves for more practical needs such a storage or are you able to be creative with your displays?

Tip 1: Look online on websites such as Pinterest and for inspiration and check out how others have styled their bookshelves.


Sort your books by colour and pattern for continuity and organisation, as well as concentrating on scale by having larger books placed at the bottom of your shelves. If some of your favourite books have beautiful front covers, you can also have these facing forward and play with the layout either placing your books upright or horizontally.


A fun aspect of styling your bookshelves is adding visual interest with home accessories such as a vase, framed art or photos, plant life, sculptures, candles or a small lamp for shape and diversity. Pay attention to the context of your accessories and allow objects to breathe by keeping things minimal and therefore visually pleasing.

Tip 2: Remember to let your eyes rest and not overcrowd or clutter your shelving. Form balance with your displays and style them evenly, with differing shapes complementing one another creating a collected rather than a muddled or disorderly look.



Plants will often add a sense of calm, nature and tranquillity to any living space. If you are stuck when styling your shelves, botanical life will always help create a delightful and composed element. Plants or floral displays work well together, or you can keep it modest by combining one or two botanics to a bookshelf.

Tip 3:   Once you have styled your shelving, take a step back and assess the big picture. Is there something missing? Have you perhaps included too many accessories? Are your shelves not practical enough for your needs? Reassess and go back to adapt and transform your styling at any point.