Window Treatments IV



A frame with vertical stiles and horizonal slates that sit within window or door frames. A solid, stable and immovable window treatment as the slats can not be lifted up or down, but simple just be manually tiled. Usually made form wood or plastic materials. A great insulator and practical as you can control how much light you let in depending on how far you tilt the slats. A unpretentious style suited to most interiors especially countryside and cosy style. Colonial/ Louvre shutter can also be installed on the outside of a window, they are also utilise don French doors and windows.


Solid shutters that simply open or close fully to allow light into a space. The shutters are built into the frame and recess of a window, usually a boxed or bay window and they can fold back when opened. A form of security as well as a window treatment. They are usually best when purely decorated and can be harmonised to other architectural details or colours in the interior space.



A small curtain that hangs over the head of a bed. The curtain drapes over the bed frame and is usually hooked on either side of a headboard. The Corona curtain can be attached to the ceiling or along the wall and can include all sorts of fabrics from lightweight voiles to heavy drapery. Mostly used in more traditional interiors, Coronas have a classic, heritage and opulent look.


A Four Poster bed has a structure consisting of columns that rise from each of the 4 corners and usually connect at the top with a panel or ‘tester’. Originating from the 16th century Four Poster beds were practical as they provided privacy and insulation. They usually have curtain drapes that hang from each of the four columns that can be decorative or purposeful as they completely close and conceal the bed from view. There are many ways to dress a Four Poster bed, from the more traditional full drapes with a pelmet to contemporary minimalist drapes and elusive sheer voile curtains. In current day they have become more of a design statement and there are numerous variations on the original antique design to match urban and innovative interiors. The amount of fabric required depends on the style of the Four Poster.


A canopy bed is has drapery that functions purely as a visual accent rather than function. It can sometime include a four poster bed and the fabric can be draped all over the frame or hang from the ceiling or even just at the head of the bed, but either way it simply serves to provide a pleasing ‘look’ rather than the practical reasons of privacy or warmth that a traditional four poster bed offers. The amount of fabric needed depends of the style of Canopy.