Interview: Patricia Rodi

I first discovered Patricia Rodi whilst watching the BBC show Scotland’s Home of the Year (SHOTY) and instantly fell in love with her stylishly calming yet carefully considered interior. Her home was the perfect balance of modern charm with splashes of unique antique and curated touches, and with this Patricia has managed to achieve a composed yet remarkable décor. 

I was so pleased that Patricia agreed to take part in my interview blog series and am honoured to share photos of her wonderful home. You must check out her own blog and Instagram page where she shares stunning videos at home, sustainability ideas, home cooking recipes and lots of interior inspiration.

Your blog and Instagram account feels so refreshing with such beautiful images. How do you describe your personal style?

Oh, THANK YOU! It’s such a hard question as I don’t think that my interior style doesn’t really fit into any category. But if I had to try and narrow it down it would be eclectic maximalist, earthy and antique. 

Where do you go for a spark of inspiration?

My family is scattered around different places and countries. I have family in Nice, San Remo, Prague, Gothenburg, and now Scotland. My interior and style are heavily influenced by my multicultural background and especially my childhood memories; the French antiques and Italian tiles in my father’s restaurant. The feeling of comfort, of old wooden chairs and tables, there to be used, spilt on, eaten on, and lived in. The French, Swedish and Czech people I was observing, and those women whose lives I marvelled at.

I like to create spaces that give some homage to those memories, incorporate some of the elements from my childhood and build a room with items that hold some importance. 

What is your favourite home purchase you have made recently and is there anything on your wish list?

My 19th century French Louis Philippe mirrors – remind me so much of my childhood. The imperfections in the frame and the black marks on the glass, seeing my reflection before running to the beach as a child. What I love about mirrors is that it’s such a clever interior styling tool to capture light, project it into darker corners, and create textural and spatial illusions. 

My next purchase is a GUBI lamp (incoming in 2 weeks and I can’t wait!) 

How was the experience of filming Scotland’s Home of the Year (and would you do it again)?

It was so much fun and I loved every minute of it. Would absolutely do it again as I think the house has changed so much from when we filmed SHOTY. One hour before filming I was putting the final paint touches in the office as we had completely renovated our home.  

What does 2023 hold for you?

Lots of exciting projects in the pipeline, that are also in the development stage, but the most exciting thing is that we’ve decided to start looking for houses and move as soon as we find something for us.