How To: 10 ways to style a Fireplace

From cosy rustic farmhouse to clean sleek minimalist, there are so many ways to decorate a fireplace. Here I share 10 ideas and tips on how to style a fireplace no matter what your interior taste or the time of year!


Minimalist does not have to mean boring, but rather by going for a fresh and modern look you are truly showcasing the architectural details and letting the fireplace shine. A focal point in any interior, the fireplace looks superb when kept clutter free and instead we embrace the simplistic approach.


If you prefer your interior décor a little more eclectic, using the fireplace to illustrate your character works best by exhibiting unusual and exotic items. Mix and match your most favourite pieces, whether it be art, sculptures, books or bottles, this is a fantastic way to craft a space that sparks excitement and intrigue. 

Top Tip: Be careful not to generate chaos around your fireplace, but instead focus on layering your objects creating the perfect balance.


Why not form a seating area next to your fireplace? Imagine a cosy reading nook or space to enjoy a warm cup of coffee next to a crackling log fire. Frame the fireplace with two matching armchairs or benches for a classic and traditional look.


Enhance not only your fireplace but your entire room with a well-placed mirror. A decorative frame compliments a hint of luxury and indulgence as well as adding reflective depth and space to your interior.


Using the wall above a fireplace for a large art piece is a marvellous way to draw attention to your personality and style as well as enriching the focal area of the room.

Top Tip: Remember to pay attention to the lighting. Wall lights should exhibit your art in the most flattering manner possible.


A non-functioning fireplace can often be more interesting to style as there are less safety constraints. One idea that always looks attractive and appealing is to position candles of different heights within the fireplace. This way you can have that snug welcoming feeling within minimal fuss and maintenance.


A fabulous styling tip for any fireplace is for it to be multi-functional as both a place for warmth and comfort as well as a useful bookshelf. Flaunt your beloved authors and novels or simply select books with covers in a colour scheme that matches your interior taste. If you are an avid reader and bookworm with an extensive collection you can also use the space either side of a fireplace to place shelving.


For a modest, unassuming and simplistic appearance make sure your décor is symmetrical when front facing your fireplace. Symmetry improves order and tidiness as well as guaranteeing a room feels modern and sleek.


To achieve a more relaxed and playful style do not worry about symmetry, instead intentionally yet haphazardly place items around the fireplace. For example, large items to one side and intermingle various objects for a fusion and blend of shapes, colours and patterns.


Make subtle décor changes to your fireplace throughout the year to transition your interior for every season. Whether you go all out for festive with fresh foliage for Christmas or some spring flowers in a pastel vase during Eastertime, little touches can ensure your fireplace feels relevant yet still transitional and stylish.