Monthly Recap – July

This month I popped down to London for a mini weekend adventure and long overdue catch up with family & friends. The sun was out, and the heat was balmy (much more humid than I am used to in the Scottish Highlands), but I managed to squeeze in a few fun locations to make the most of my city break.


First stop was Kings Road for bubbles and brunch followed by a trip to the Saatchi Gallery where they have a Tiffany & Co ‘Vision & Virtuosity’ exhibition. 2022 marks 150 years of the New York jewellers and the exhibition features everything from extraordinary antique pieces of jewellery, recreations of art installations as window displays and areas of the gallery demonstrating the huge cultural significance of Tiffany & Co such as their little blue box and of course an entire room dedicated to Audrey Hepburn and the iconic film ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. 

Personally, I loved the memorabilia such as the original blueprint building plans for their iconic fifth avenue New York store as well as retro poster advertisements and mail order catalogue books for high end jewellery.


A visit to London wouldn’t be complete without a night enjoying unusual and bizarre cocktail concoctions at a trendy bar someplace and this month we tried out Opium in Chinatown. The interior is a weird mix of Asian influence and your grandma’s living room with patterned wallpaper and worn looking armchairs with coffee tables, yet the dim sum and cocktails are amazing. We picked our drinks according to how peculiar they looked and with our foamy Cloud of Pearls and the Skinny Lychee Colada with marshmallow paint on the glass, Opium did not disappoint. 


I love a bit of high street interior shopping and was unreasonably excited to pop into H&M Home as we do not have one near me in the Highlands. They have a floral plant section with all sorts of bright playful colours of real and fake botanicals for whichever you prefer. My preferred flowers for summer are rainbow baby’s breath, but the journey home would be a bit too long, so I just had to enjoy them in the moment.


Stolen Innocence by Elissa Wall

Crossroads by Jonathan Franzen

The Therapist by B. A. Paris 

Get Rich or Lie Trying by Symeon Brown

An Island Wedding by Jenny Colgan