How To: create a Spa Sanctuary in your own bathroom

Our homes are increasingly becoming a space for us to take refuge from the stress and chaos of our everyday lives. With the general population having a more vigorous and active lifestyle than ever, it is no surprise that we are seeking new and innovative ways to help reduce anxiety and tension. One of the best ways to achieve this is designing and decorating our bathrooms to emulate and inspire a spa-like haven. A safe place to unwind, nourish our soul and get back in touch with our inner beauty and healthy well-being.

Here I list 5 ways to achieve a spa sanctuary in your very own bathroom:


Including any soft furnishings in your bathroom, such as an accent chair or small stool to accompany a dressing table can boost the amount of comfort and cosiness. Cocoon yourself in a snug seat and allow a little indulgence in self-care – this will inevitably leave you feeling more relaxed and refreshed.

What is more soothing than a big bubble bath with some lit candles for added romance and relaxation?  There are so many deliciously smelling candles out there, personally I prefer a bulky 3 wick one which burns a lot longer and is marvellously deluxe. As well as a candle why not bring in a diffuser with some essential oils. These have been proven to enhance our mental and spiritual wellbeing and including them in your bathroom will produce a peaceful paradise. 

Inner wellbeing radiates outer beauty – Spa: The Sensuous Experience

Subtle calming colours are the finest option for your bathroom if you want a space filled with stillness and tranquillity. Neutrals are always a safe option, just make sure you add some texture for visual interest and variation. Or if you are more of a colour obsessive why not tone down your hues and opt for pastel shades. Inserting some chic lighting will often help add depth to your walls and a warm LED bulb will enrich a glow that is alluring and welcoming.

Bathroom technology is ever evolving and with all sorts of modcon gadgets available such as demisting mirrors, smart taps and voice control apps, we are slowly introducing our daily tech stresses into our serene bathrooms! However not all tech is bad – the inclusion of Bluetooth inbuilt speakers can often help enhance your sense of calm without comprising on the visual aesthetic. Listen to some chilled playlists as you soak in the tub and totally forget where you are for the ultimate relaxation experience. 

Raise a toast to a more relaxed and refreshed experience – Spa: The Sensuous Experience 


Often our bathroom window treatments can be an afterthought and we tend to play it a little safe. However just because you are in a wet space does not mean you cannot embrace flowing fabrics and charming curtains. Use your windows to bring you balance and bliss with a floaty fabric such as a voile for privacy or some glamorous hanging drapes that will look irresistibly soothing.