Ochre Palette

10 ways to style your home with Ochre

Sunnier than mustard yet soother than zesty yellow, Ochre has become a go-to colour within interior design due to its warmth, elegance, and versatility. If you are not afraid to experiment with colour, Ochre can team with almost any style in any room making it a playful and easy palette to work with.

Here I list 10 ways to style your home with Ochre:


Ochre has emerged time and time again within design and interiors over the years, from the opulence of the Regency era to a mid-century modern 70s style. It is a palette that compliments both traditional interiors as well as more contemporary homes.


Ochre is often a colour of choice within kitchen design as it gives a sense of vibrancy and feels uplifting. The kitchen is habitually the hub of the home, a place where we all come together, and by employing an Ochre palette you enhance that sense of contentment.


One of the most prevalent methods of applying an Ochre palette within your own home is choosing a cosy furnishing in the eye-catching shade. A dazzling sofa or chair highlighting this chic hue complements the sophistication and effervescence of your styled living room, seen here in this contemporary inspired space.


An Ochre palette in the bedroom works best by selecting a headboard, bed frame or any accessories such a pillows, cushions, and bedding in the welcoming shade. There is a cosiness and comfort with Ochre as the origins of this tone are found in nature, leaving you with a reassuring and peaceful ambience in the place you need it the most. 


In keeping with the naturalistic theme, Ochre works great with tones in brown, red or burgundy, realised here in the kitchen pantry doors and walls. There is a unique grace and refinement to this blend that guarantees you will have a decorated and styled space that most do not. 


Most frequently, Ochre is paired with grey tones. Easy to decorate with, grey almost acts as a neutral when styling your space. Uniting grey with Ochre confirms the colour palette will feel spirited and vivacious.


Although it is a relatively bold shade Ochre tends to team well with many colours, working best with muted hues. Ochre and green are a great combination as they are reminiscent of the outdoors and an organic environment. Darker muted greens are safest as they boost the bolstering warmth of Ochre, seen here with a floral-patterned headboard and lamp shade.


Whether you have a maximalist styled home or enjoy a simpler, more subtle palette, Ochre can work in almost any scale. Go big or include an accent piece – either way your home will benefit from this inviting hue. Full on Ochre can elevate a space seen here with the walls and doors in this luminous hue, all which mingle wonderfully with natural wood panelling and stark black lighting. A touch of Ochre can be seen here in this hallway, by simply painting this small wall space behind the console table an underutilised and ‘nothing’ area in the home becomes a gorgeous feature.