The Bulgari Hotel Milan

When it comes to refined exclusivity there really isn’t a better example than The Bulgari hotel in Milan, Italy. A 5* indulgent retreat in the centre of a lively cosmopolitan city, this hotel combines luxury, elegance and unforgettable design.

Bulgari is one of the most infamous and oldest jewellery brands with a focus on timeless high-quality pieces. Originally founded by Sotirios Voulgaris in 1884, this brand has become synonymous with grace, class and finesse and it is no surprise that the hotel would fit seamlessly with this design model.

Positioned downtown on a secluded street, The Bulgari Hotel is merely a moment away from Milan’s cultural and commercial hotspots, including the botanical gardens. In fact, the hotel itself features a surprising and lustrous courtyard and secret garden hidden behind its walls. There is even a stylish gazebo that can be privately reserved which contains an understated cosy dining space that mirrors the splendour and colour of the vibrant garden.

The style of the hotel is predominantly modern luxury with chic textiles, classy colour tones and innovate decor. Designed by the architectural studio Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel, there are muted hues mixed with monochrome and minimalistic furnishings. Materials are of the highest quality such as Zimbabwe black marble, Vicenza stone and organic teak and oak wood. The walls are adorned with cream coloured linen wallpaper and photography that showcases some of the most iconic Bvlgari jewels. There is timeless enchantment in every detail and the simplistic design is complimented with rich materials and a soothing atmosphere.

Bulgari are quickly becoming one of the leading luxury hotel brands in the world, situated in glitzy locations such as London, Beijing, Dubai, Shanghai and Bali – and they are not stopping! There are plans to open more hotels in Paris, Rome, Moscow and Tokyo. With a desirable design and calmative ambience, it can be expected that these hotels to come will look and feel just as lavish and magnificent as the Milan hotel.