How To: build a successful interior design brand!

Tips and motivation on developing a thriving, exceptional interior design brand by some of the industry’s most talented designers!

Living Etc recently gathered a number of creatives from the interior industry to share their ideas, experience and advice on forming a lucrative interior design brand. Here are some of the key viewpoints:


One of the most essential elements of building an interior design brand is to be true to yourself. People can sense when you are pushing an ethos and image that is not symbolic of your own personal style. Take a combination of what you love with truly original ideas that have not been produced before and you will have a winning formula for a successful business.

“A business built on your value is more compelling for potential clients and even more meaningful for you the creator to plough your time and energy (and ultimately heart and soul) into. Don’t follow trends or even just the crowd, lead the way.” – Sebastian Cox


Jehanara Knowles, the founder of Kam Ce Kam stresses the importance of taking your time. As she points out you should “develop a cohesive story and a brand that represents the aesthetic and message you are trying to convey”. Create realistic and generous goals to drive your motivation and ensure you remain forward thinking without rushing.


Keeping your concepts simple is an imperative part of developing a successful brand. You do not want to be overwhelmed or get carried away and find yourself with too much to achieve, conflicting ideas and a business plan under pressure. 


Sophie Sellu the founder of Grain & Knot highlights the benefits of collaborations within the design community, either in person or online though your social media channels. “It is a great way to get together with like-minded individuals and work in a mutually beneficial way.” 

“Carve out your own niche, dare to be different and stay curious.”  – Jamie Watkins


YOU are the centre of your brand, so make sure you showcase what you love, your inspirations and passions. As the founder of House of Quinn, Julius Arthur says “put yourself into your brand, be ready to be open and personal with your story” this will often be how a client connects, so transparency and openness is an important component of your business.


A vital stage of growing a booming interior design brand is always going to be networking! Connecting with other designers, suppliers and potential clients helps expand your mindset and skills as well as your business. Jamie Watkins the co-founder of Divine Savages talks about the benefit of linking through social media, particularly Instagram and Pinterest. “Both visually led platforms, they lend themselves so well to interiors. Don’t try and master all platforms as there aren’t enough hours in the hours in the day – focus on one or two, a genuine connection with your followers.”