Mushroom Palette

Our love affair with neutral inspired interiors does not seem to be lessening and over the last 5 years the popularity of mushroom colour palettes within design are increasingly popular. Seen as an alternative to simplistic white yet more characterful than cream, mushroom has the sophistication and warmth to be incorporated into an assortment of interior styles. 

A mushroom colour palette is often referred to as ‘taupe’, ‘oyster’ or even ‘greige’ (a combination of grey and beige) yet is far more flexible and distinctive. Mushroom can feel both cool and warm, consisting of neutral inspired earthy tones from refined creams to rich browns, this palette has a calming as well as elegant ambience. 

A mushroom palette generates appeal within a space without being too bold, a relaxed shade that can effortlessly blend into most styles. There is cosiness and contentment within a mushroom palette, a subtle colour that is tranquil and relaxing, welcoming you into an interior space. 


Grey tones are often symbolic with safety and stability in colour psychology, and mushroom greys can feel reassuring and diplomatic. It is imperative to use mushroom greys in moderation as too much can feel depressing and imposing. Colour psychology teaches us that mushroom is a wonderful neutral within design, as it can pull a scheme together and highlight the richness of alternative colour palettes.

Mushroom earthy tones are associated with stability, support and safety. A classic brown colour that links us back to earth and feels far more comforting and connecting than over the top luxuriousness. Within interior design mushroom brown tones work best as a neutral base, feeling friendly and wholesome.


These images demonstrate the changeability and charisma of mushroom tones, often applied within kitchens mushroom palettes can work well in many styles, from country farmhouse to contemporary chic. 

Here we see a rustic country style kitchen with a light mushroom tone that feels subtle yet playful. The mushroom painted cabinets and wall shelf team with a purist white wall feeling unified and uplifting. 

A darker mushroom is beautifully paired with gold accents in the ceiling lighting, lending itself to a contemporary graceful design.

Lastly, the modern country kitchen feels fresh with a creamier toned mushroom palette, that would ordinarily feel traditional yet combined with the modern pendant lighting has cutting-edge appeal.

In this example we see how mushroom has been painted onto the doors, staircase and skirting boards. This adds visual interest to a space whilst also feeling very welcoming, charming and generates a cohesive flow between each room around the home. 

Grey mushroom tones are developed to craft a minimalist interior style, with the wall paint incredibly subtle yet the grey plush sofa and poof highlighting this tone in a light filled space.

Mushroom palettes tend to work best with natural materials seen here in a sun kissed space that compliments the earthy organic tones in the wooden furnishings.


Mushroom can be used as an alternative to white. Rather than a plain painted wall opting for a light mushroom tone means you add depth and warmth to your space whilst also forming an interior that is flexible and simplistic. This space has a soft cosy rug and brown coloured cushions that enhance the comforting and modern feel of the mushroom inspired palette.