My Top 10 Etsy Items

Since launching my Etsy shop I have had so much fun selling a variety of goods, whether I am crafting unique handmade pieces or sourcing vintage finds in my local antique markets, there has always been something new and exciting to share with all of you. Now that I have completed my Interior Design Diploma with KLC School of Design, I have more time to focus on my shop and I plan to work a lot harder and add more unexpected pieces, really expanding and enhancing this part of my “brand”. In the meantime, I decided to take a look at some of my best selling and favourite pieces on my Etsy shop.

Here are my Top 10 Etsy Items:


These bundles of vintage books give me serious Cottagecore vibes and are perfect for a lovely rustic display, adding a splash of colour for a shelf, bedside table or mantle. I have tied the trio of vintage books together with natural rope and the pages have some fraying and wear and tear that I think add to the homely preloved feel.


These homemade scented jars were very relaxing and meditative to create. They are perfect in any room of your house when you need a fresh scent and cosy feel. The upcycled jam jars lids have been painted white and are finished off with natural linen and rope. They come in two scents, Coorie Warmth for Autumn & Winter featuring Cinnamon, Orange and lime Peel and Uplift Blooms for spring & summer featuring rose petals and florals, a calming aroma with Lavender, Sweet Orange, Clary Sage & Cedar Wood natural essential oils.


My Etsy shop hosts an array of bohemian inspired macrame wall hangings, some featuring natural driftwood and others simple wooden sticks. These beautifully handcrafted wall hangings are available in a few muted colour tones including off-white, baby pink and mustard, ideal for those with an eclectic interior taste.


Stay close to nature with these decorative frames that feature pressed wildflowers. The dried flowers are handpicked from the Scottish Highland countryside and pressed by myself. Each picture is unique, seasonal and reflects what has grown in our garden that year, displayed in a beautiful, glass frame edged in antiqued metal.


One of the very first items that I crafted and sold on my Etsy shop, I really love these hand painted stones. Each year I pick new colour ways depending on my mood, trends within the design world or the season. These hand painted stones are ideal for paper weights or as a beautiful decorative accessory.


Who doesn’t love baskets? They do not seem to be going out of style or necessity any day soon. I have created a few baskets with various quirky words or patterns on them, including the on-trend ‘line drawing face’ that was a personalised order this year. You can ask me to embroider whatever you would like to say onto the basket, I am always up for a new challenge and fresh inspiration.


The show stopping piece on my Etsy shop has to be the pampas macrame wreath! Crafted prior to my ‘neutral’ themed Christmas last year, these items are actually suitable all year long and lend themselves to a calming, soft minimalism space best of all. The pampas is grown in my garden and these wreaths have been dried in the airing cupboard in my home then handcrafted by myself – a truly handmade feature.


One of my best selling items on my Etsy shop is always the antique glass bottles that I source at my local second hand shops and markets. These delightful antique bottles all feature a rough and rustic look from being used for many years. Vintage bottles look beautiful holding flowers and make a lovely piece of vintage decor for any style of home. The Domestos glass bottle from the 1930s in a deep brown colour is splendid as a decorative item or collectible for an eclectic interior.


Another Cottagecore inspired item, the selection of 10 natural rustic pine cones with the tips spray painted white and muted green. The cones are delivered loose but safety in a eco friendly cotton fabric bag that can be usefully reused for fruit and veg, toiletries or whatever you like! A great decor tip is to bring the outdoors inside and one great way to do this is to feature natural pieces like this in a large bowl or shallow plate on a coffee or dining table.


Lastly, we have themed gift boxes that feature a small selection of crafted pieces from the Jalan Interior Etsy shop. Such as the Cottagecore Gift Box with some natural pine cones, a hand painted stone, a Coorie Warmth Potpourri Jar and a delightful mini macrame wall hanging. I have also created a Valentines Gift Box just in time for February, in which you can have a pink macrame wall hanging, an Uplift Blooms Potpourri Jar and a hand painted stone of your choice.

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