How To: Create a Coorie Home

In Beth Pearson’s book The Coorie Home: Beautiful Scottish Living she explores the notion of ‘Coorie’ and how we can incorporate this into our personal space. Coorie is a Scottish term to signify the cosiness and rural warmth of highland life and bringing this style into your interior is a simple and effective way of welcoming comfort that feels restorative and delightful.

I have selected 4 top tips from Beth’s book on how you can bring a little Coorie into your home:



A fresh modern take on the Coorie home is a combination of traditional with minimalism, appreciating the old but taking a tactful approach at combining it with the new. Minimalist homes that still feel cheery and inviting can easily be achieved with lots of textures, whether you include some raw wool throws and cushions, playful tartan patterns and handmade, high quality materials constructed straight from the Scottish countryside.

Top Tip: Experiment with the unexpected by taking the traditional décor detail of taxidermy and integrate this into your home, a distinct style that appreciates the rural highland landscape and its inhabitants.


Scottish seasons are vastly interchangeable and our interiors need to be adaptative. Lots of layering whether it be with your furniture or fabrics, can ensure you are prepared for those blustery winter nights, whilst also adding a Coorie aesthetic that looks and feels restful and alluring. Long summer nights mean you can keep your window treatments simple and pared back, letting in those stunning Scottish sunrises and sunsets.


Organic and earthy colour tones work well at connecting your interior to the Scottish landscapes. Team hints of these moody colours with a more neutral, minimalist style that feels considered and intentional. Beth points out the Scottish homes value style over trend, and it is easily attainable by introducing personality through your artwork and décor accessories.



Coorie is rooted in the quality and traditions of hand made products, so upcycling items in your home is a great way to infuse your charm and character whilst also maintaining that snug, comfortable manner of a highland haven.

Top Tip: Gather some stones or driftwood from the stunning Scottish beaches (where allowed) and use these to inject unique textures and natural colour tones throughout your space.