Very Peri – Colour of the Year 2022

Last month Pantone announced their Colour of the Year 2022 with a confident and imaginative hue – Very Peri. Pantone, who are widely considered the authority on upcoming colour trends, have created a blue tone with violet/ red undertones that feels peppy and dynamic. Described as a ‘periwinkle shade of blue’ this colour symbolises moving ahead with promise after a period of uncertainty and unrest. 

For the first time Pantone have generated an entirely original colour rather than consulting their existing palette. In producing a fresh shade, they are reflecting the changes and transformations within society over the last couple years. Very Peri signifies the merging of digital and physical living as well as our awareness of standards and norms evolving and fluctuating. ‘Pantone 17-3938 Very Peri is a symbol of the global zeitgeist of the moment and the transition we are going through.’

The image we selected to be our hero image for Pantone Colour of the Year 2022 is more abstract and futuristic. This was intentional as there are many unknowns happening, and the abstractness is part of where we are right now  

Leatrice Eisemann VP of Pantone Color Institute


Although labelled as a blue hue, Very Peri has a purple feel and look with a joyous and vivacious rich tone. We know from colour psychology that purple represents spirituality, wealth and enchantment historically favoured by those with a taste for the arts. Differing tones of purple can evoke various emotions, such as lighter violet tones symbolising ethereal, mediative states, whilst darker more brooding purple shades are mysterious and regal.

When applied to interior design, purple tends to suit more luxurious and glamorous styled spaces with an emphasis on drama, allure, and sophistication. Very Peri within interior design would be as bold as you can go, a design statement that commands attention. Purple interiors can sometimes feel a little out of ones ‘comfort zone’ however if used smartly and stylishly a space that encompasses this hue can be inventive and courageous.

As we examine the unknown and begin to work as way out of the unease, reimaging and rewriting our lives , we are not entirely sure yet where we are headed

Leatrice Eisemann VP of Pantone Color Institute

I must admit my initial reaction upon Pantone’s unveiling of Very Peri was slightly lacklustre. It seemed a tad like Colour of the Year 2018 Ultraviolet (which feels like 5 minutes ago) as well as the fact that I personally would never decorate my home in any purple hues (just not my taste). However, now that I have sat with it for a few weeks, I can feel the vibrant playful tones growing on me, and although I still maintain I would not include Very Peri within my home I would love to consider including this shade in future projects. 



Using a shade like Very Peri can seem challenging, especially if you are not someone who decorates daringly, but by following a few simple design rules and décor tips you can include this tone within your space.

Accent Wall – Perhaps one of the most popular ways to include Very Peri in your home would be to paint an accent wall. It is a skilful way to include a colour you love without it dominating or overpowering a space.

Wall Art – A straightforward method of adding Very Peri into your home is to purchase a piece of art or poster that contains the colour tone. This way you can test how you feel about Very Peri in your space, even moving it into different rooms as an experiment, making sure you feel assured in your colour choice.

Pair with Blue – If you are not sure how to team Very Peri with other colours and do not want to go for a safe bet with neutrals, why not pair purple and blue.  These shades tend to feel jubilant and interesting within interior design as they sit next to each other on the colour wheel, therefore they complement each other’s spirited and lively tones. 

Soft Furnishings – Find a sumptuous Very Peri coloured chair or sofa for your home. Rich fabrics like velvet hold this colour best, enhancing a sense of luxury and elegance within a space. It is also a simple way to involve a dash of Very Peri without overdoing it.

Front Door – If you fancy Very Peri but it just does not fit in with your existing home décor, be creatively courageous and paint your front door. A strikingly colourful front door ensures you get that burst of vivacious energy as you come and go.

Accessories – Try small touches of Very Peri within your home accessories. A cushion or throw for playful comfort or an illuminating lampshade, these are quick and easy ways to embrace the purple trend without over committing.