Hand Drawing Interior Design

Whilst studying online for my interior design diploma at KLC Design School I was taught a rare form of artistry within the design world these days – hand drawing. It seems with an ever-growing collection of computer programmes such as Auto CAD, Sketchup, Vector works and Photoshop, we are losing the expression of ‘handcrafted’ within interior design. There are so many benefits to hand sketching, yet it seems to be underutilised. Here I look at why hand drawing interiors is so exceptional and how it is crucial during the design developmental process. 


Hand drawing is vital when brainstorming your design notions and the ability to quickly put pencil to paper ensures ideas can flow whilst you envisage an interior space. You can explore various designs and concepts as well as problem solve anything that might not work for your client. Images can be delved into and swiftly studied before your client invests in time and cost.

You can appreciate an interior space through sketching, understanding the scale and perspective as well as the balance of light and colour. Hand drawing is infrequent and consequently a unique selling tool that will set you apart as an interior designer. Computer generated images can sometimes look clinical and a client may feel distance from those visuals, however a hand sketched image will have warmth and that extra personal touch that can resonate with your client. 

When you get to sketch, your mind begins to play various directions which the sketches that you are making will help you in filtering the best options for you

Alan Woods – A Journey into Design

I have found hand sketching to be an unexpected valuable skill that connects with clients and social media followers alike. There is something very innovative and authentic about a handcrafted drawing that enhances our imagination and feels extraordinary and dynamic. Hand drawing interiors is rare yet can easily be created and assists in generating ideas through the developmental stages within design. 

When meeting with a client you can produce a quick draft in front of them in order to help illuminate your ideas. When conducting a more formal presentation to a client, high quality sketches are far more useful for a visceral impact. Also, in order to establish the balance and colour within a space, rendering is imperative as colour can truly communicate the feel and mood of how an interior would be upon completion.

Sketches are ideas nestle on paper, they’re an open door through new ideas and concepts could flow

Adam Woods – A Journey into Design


Although my design curriculum broke down the fundamentals of hand drawing interior design, it was really when I discovered Behind Canvas and her easy-to-follow online courses that I was personally able to advance my skills. Stephanie from Behind Canvas has produced a range of enjoyable yet expert classes from Sketching Interiors in One Point and Two Point Perspective, Curtains & Textiles, Furniture, Quick Hand Rendering Techniques, Scale & Shadows, Floorplans and Axonometric Drawings for Beginners. 

From when I started my interior design diploma to today, the additional skills I acquired and the practise I had with Behind Canvas is simple to see and has been so valuable to my studies. These transferable abilities have even supported me in my client-based work since competing my diploma. I can offer fast illustrations and visually pleasing images to clients when narrowing down ideas in a format that they have often have not come across before and subsequently are delighted with. 

I believe that sketching is a professional skill which every designer should have access to!

Stephanie Galuzo

In this digital age, how is our creativity being impacted by a lack of hand drawing? Producing a rapid sketch of a design outline helps convey your artistry as well as presenting to your clients that you can offer them valuable solutions for their interior space. As with most things, high quality drawings take time and practise but as it is such a sporadic skill, I believe that it is truly beneficial for yourself and your business. With the design process one of discovery and conceptualisation, hand drawing can validate the true depths of our creativity and originality within interior design.