Guest Bedroom Renovation Reveal

You know that room in your house… the one that regrettably develops into a dumping ground for all sorts of displaced bits and bobs. In our home, our guest bedroom had truly become a place that no one would want to spend any length of time in. Recently we finally got our act together and decided to renovate the space into a bedroom that our guests would love. 


I started off by creating a mood board with abstract images and key words that would suggest the goal and impression that we desired for the interior. Our home is a modern countryside house with heaps of neutral colour, natural materials and rural inspired décor that compliments the country character. The concept was for the guest bedroom to tie in seamlessly with the rest of the house whilst also feeling contemporary, purposeful and serene.


Our main ambition was to really lighten the interior. As it is placed at the back of the house facing southwest and with the slanted walls, it was one of the darker rooms. We made a feature of the back wall (a common theme in our other bedrooms) by selecting a white wallpaper from B&Q. The wallpaper introduces a timber wood effect has a slight shimmer but is also unfussy and minimal which helps enrich the light.

Lighting was crucial and we inserted cutting edge overhead Anglepoise spotlights and the Ikea bedside table lights. This contrasting sleek metallic feel with the rustic wooden bedframe and side tables increases the warmth and relaxed atmosphere. Further accessories create a homely touch, such as the Etsy hand painted stones that are smooth and calming, alongside some of my favourite cosy themed interior books Lagom and Coorie Style. 

Top Tip: I also always recommend placing fresh flowers beside the bed when you have guests, it totally revitalizes the room. 

In our house we are always looking to reuse and reclaim vintage or antique furniture pieces. Giving a preloved item a new home and intention is a great way to inject some personality as well as being less wasteful (we do not always need something brand new!). The large wooden cabinet was a found piece and we merely swapped the door handles for these eclectic Graham & Green knobs to coordinate with the rest of the décor. Rustic brass and antler/ horn details add a funky twist to a traditional furniture piece that feels unique and cohesive with the rest of the space.

What was once a dreary dark room (with A LOT of clutter) is now a calm, simplistic and welcoming space. Minimal décor with a country theme has enlightened our guest bedroom and we can now confidently invite friends and family over to stay knowing they will sleep well at night. 

If you have a room at home that you wish you could transform than check out my E Design page for a look into what I can offer including mood board inspiration, styling advice and full design services.