How To: use Ticking within your home

Ticking is not known as a fabric of choice within contemporary interiors, but instead a staple of traditional country style homes – however Ticking stripes can be one of the most versatile and straightforward fabrics to incorporate into your space. A classic pattern that can be employed in an array of manners including within furniture upholstery, window treatments, tableware, cushions and bedding, there are endless decor tips to include this elegant yet timeless stripe within your interior.

Ticking originated within mattress design, as at first mattresses were filled with very uncomfortable padding such as sticks, raw wool, leaves and straw. Eventually a sack known as a ‘tick’ was created from tightly woven fabric that could cover and protect form the harsh materials within the mattress. The densely woven herringbone fabric eventually incorporated a striped pattern that we now characterise as Ticking.

Today, Ticking is commonly manufactured from natural fibres such as 100% cotton or a cotton linen blend. A considered and crafted method of weaving that is also chic and stylish in design. Ticking can be used in a variety of ways, from daring, bold and eclectic spaces to more subtle and fresh interiors.

In this living space, we can see how a small dose of Ticking has been added to the bench seating inviting us to sit, relax and take a moment for ones self. The striped pattern is teamed with a collection of natural wood textures and glass accessories to create a custom look. A great example of how Ticking can be applied within a more contemporary interior.

This bedroom scene shows how Ticking in a bright playful colour such as red, can feel lively and striking creating a warm atmosphere that balances well with the Chintz style wallpaper. Ticking often uses a broad stripe teamed with a thinner stripe either side to create the illusion of a broad line. In this example we see there is a diversity of stripe width and angle to add depth and enhance the power of the pattern within the space.

A modern take on the classic dining nook, the upholstered bench seating uses a mild palette of Ticking fabric to blend the old with the new. A touch of subtle stripe along with the mid-century inspired table and chairs makes this little corner feel inviting yet unusual. Combined with an array of vintage art work this space surely demonstrates the personal touch and character of its inhabitants.

Another contemporary interpretation of Ticking, this traditional armchair in covered in a simple yet comforting stripe that adds an effective injection of modernism and minimalism within a cosy, warm and inviting reading nook.