Cottagecore Style

Over the last year a ‘budding aesthetic movement’ known as Cottagecore has dramatically increased in popularity, primarily due to the pandemic and subsequent lockdown we all faced throughout 2020. Is it any surprise that whilst stuck at home people turned to their electronic devices in search of faraway, idyllic countryside images for a little calming clarity? Cottagecore, also known as Farmcore and Grandmacore, is defined as an aesthetic that embraces simple living, romanticism and naturalistic wellness. Images of wild flowers, farm life, thatched roofed country homes, yummy baked goods and handmade crafts summarise the feeling and general mood of Cottagecore. 

Although Cottagecore is established as a visual aesthetic on social media platforms such as Instagram, Tik Tok and Pinterest, it is also increasingly being adopted within interior design. A nod to Traditional Country, Cottagecore interiors involve styles such as Chintz, Arts & Crafts, Scandi, Victorian and Minimalism. The New York Times labelled it as ‘Vintage Maximalism’ with “lots of colour, warmth, antiques and eclectic touches”. There is something to be said about defining your interior style around the simple joys of domestic bliss and childhood memories. 

Here I list 5 ways in which you can include Cottagecore Style within your home:


Cottagecore style promotes sustainable living and social consciousness, therefore natural materials and textiles are key. Handcrafted wood furnishings teamed with cotton and linen fabrics present an effortless and aspirational home that feels honest as well as wholesome.  

“The Cottagecore movement reminds us about the importance of slowing down and living more consciously” –


A home that contains vintage curated pieces is one that can tell a story and Cottagecore Style is rooted in traditional antiques that have a charming and historic ambience. You do not have to live in the English countryside to have a Cottagecore Style home, instead try layering your space with contemporary and old-fashioned, an assorted way to bring classic romanticism into 2021.


Cottagecore Style would not be possible without encompassing the wild outdoors and natural surroundings within your space. Plant life and dried flowers are often a whimsical way to harmonise with the outdoors. Cottagecore images are awash with countryside scenes in rural fields and blooming floral displays so it is apt that including this style in your home you embrace fresh botanicals. Those that are green thumbed can try their hand at growing their own produce such as fruits, vegetable or herbs in plant pots, however all is not lost if this isn’t your forte – you can welcome the dried flower trend and add in hanging florals such as these brass frames with pressed wild flowers.

These pressed florals are each handmade and therefore very special and unique, the frame is rustic brass and each one has been individually designed and arranged, making no two items the same.


In order to create that cosy, fuzzy feeling within Cottagecore Style a colour palette that consists of neutrals, warm and earthy tones is crucial. Cottagecore is all about slow living and enjoying the simple aspects of domestic life, and there is no better way to define this within your home than by colour. Cottagecore Style can be tangled with Chintz Style, nevertheless it is the raw and pure earthy tones that help distinguish this aesthetic. Whereas Chintz highlights bright bold colour Cottagecore Style feels more rosy, warm and palliative.


It is clear to see a relationship between Cottagecore Style and the Scandi concept of Hygge whether it be tactile snug textiles, prominence on nature and tech free living. Hygge is all about a restful environment that promotes self-care and Cottagecore Style fits this perfectly. As says “Cottagecore nudges us to be gentle with ourselves and do the best we can in our homes and for the earth”.

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The Cottagecore movement doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and as The New York Times states, right now we have “a desire to live in a world outside the one we are currently inhabiting”. This is where Cottagecore thrives and with the future looking so uncertain perhaps it is time we adopt the simplicity and escapism of an interior style rooted in nostalgia, fulfilment and fantasy.