Gleneagles at Christmas

Gleneagles Hotel in the north of Scotland is one of the most luxurious and glamorous hotels in the world, and when it comes to festive cheer and stylish decoration in December they certainly do not disappoint. This year sadly they will be closed due to covid, however I thought I would take a look back to my visit last Christmas and reminisce. There is no limit to the glistening traditional decor that features within every space, and you are left with a sense of captivating elegance and charm that is rich with festive joy – certainly capturing the Christmas spirit.


Everywhere you turn there are lots of little Christmas details, from the Poinsettia inspired floral displays that adorn most tables, to the baskets filled with glittery pine cones under the trees in lew of wrapped presents. It is all these small touches that add to the shimmery festive atmosphere and merriment.


One of the many bars at Gleneagles is The Century Bar – a step back in time to the Art Deco period with its plush velvet seating, marble bar top in the centre of the room and the glamorous vintage 1930s pendant lights. Most importantly, however, is the cocktail list with its mulled, spicy and bubbly options that will put a fizz on your lips and a spring in your dancing shoes.


Throughout Gleneagles Hotel there are numerous Christmas trees each as twinkly and magical as the last. As soon as you arrive the joyful ambiance is established with the epic Christmas tree within the entrance roundabout, as well as the stylishly adorned tree within the hotel lobby. Around every turn there is a hint of festive wonder within these traditionally decorated trees.


Less is more is definitely NOT the motto when it comes to a Gleneagles Christmas and there are bountiful displays of classic green garlands and wreaths throughout every corridor, restaurant and bar. You are certainly not going to be lacking the Christmas spirit as you explore through the hotel.


What is more festive than a cosy, roaring fireplace! Gleneagles has ensured that every nook and corner has a touch of merriment particularly the countless fireplaces around the hotel. A crackling wood burning fire with some twinkle lights that sit above will assure you feel snug, thankful and joyous. I certainly cannot wait to visit again, fingers crossed next year I will be enjoying a cocktail or two in front of the many festive fireplaces.