How To: 6 easy ways to style a Happy Home

The conquest to find out what makes your house a happy home can be a tricky one, but luckily for us The Sunday Times recently published a sneak peek into the report ‘The Science of a Happy Home’ with lots of insight and tips into how we can transform our space into a place of contented bliss. A survey of over 4,000 people in Britain was used along with the OCEAN psychology framework and the result illustrates a simple list of 6 main elements that can make your home a happy one:

One of the most essential qualities of being able to feel joy at home is the assurance that you are safe and secure. This does not necessarily mean protected from intruders, but rather the refuge of owning or having a long-term rental of your space. In fact, the report revealed that social renters with lifetime tenancies were often more gratified than those who owned their home mortgage free.

Being able to go home and find a place to sit, rest and unwind from the workday is a crucial element to having a blissful home. A top tip is to utilise any unused space, whether it be an empty corner in a room or under the stairs and decorate this into a cosy nook. A large comfy chair with a plush throw, soft ambient lighting and tech free to guarantee you have at least a moment of harmony in your day.

“People who describe their home as relaxed are more likely to be happy than those using any other personality traits, including sociable, organised or balanced.” – Alex Depledge

Your home should be a visual representation of what you like and your individual character, a truly unique space that helps you feel content and relaxed. The report overwhelmingly discovered that 80% of those that were ‘happy at home’ felt their space reflected who they were. Interior trends are inconsequential, instead concentrate on your needs and what feels sentimental to you personally.

There is a theory within interior design that we need lots of natural light to flow into your home, particularly through large windows, to make your space a ‘happy’ one. However, the report revealed that it is far more crucial what is on the other side of these windows. The view that we look at and are taking in each and every day contributes a lot to our happiness at home. Having the luxury of relishing in nature, greenery and wildlife can dramatically increase your domestic bliss. However, if you live in an urban area all is not lost, include plenty of botanical and potted plant life around your home to ensure your space is enchanting and content.

The report claims that a whopping 92% of us are happiest at home when our space meets our individual needs, for example if you have a family with young children, a pleasing space is a practically functional one. Zoning your home, either with mirrors, rugs or modular furnishings can form an ease for larger families and open plan living can feel delightful and satisfactory.

Open plan homes are increasingly popular within interior design and there is a psychological benefit to this style. We feel more connected and a sense of togetherness when we are able to steadily share our space with others. Seating arrangements that boost face to face communication or gardens and balconies that encourage us to go outside and enjoy our environment all add a sense of happiness.