Within the realm of the modernist movement and minimalism, Scandinavian style was formed in Nordic countries such as Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. These countries had experienced a far calmer and more settled political and economic climate during the 20thcentury. A humanist and composed approach to design was produced with clean lines, simplistic ornamentation and open plan living.


These Nordic countries experience long dark winters and fleeting, bright summers which are embodied within their design and architecture. Large windows and glass walls that allow plenty of natural light into a home, uncluttered free-flowing layouts that possess a neutral and clean palette. There is a compelling connection with the nature outdoors and these origins are brought ‘inside’ through the rustic materials employed, such as wood and timber that helps generate a relationship between the indoors and outside.



Furnishings are functional and multipurpose and despite the minimal design, Scandinavian style is rooted within the ease and cosiness of the home. An emphasis on wood burning fireplaces and an abundance of textiles that bring warmth, relaxation and comfort. Home accessories are scaled back in these simple and understated homes with a preference for eco-friendly details, symbolic of these politically liberal countries. Well-made craftsmanship is essential with durable, practical pieces that stand the test of time, creating a serene and focused space. Scandinavian style is elegant yet accessible, a dedicated and sustainable style.


Many Nordic designers emerged from the 1950s into the 21stcentury, inspiring countless artists around the world. Alvar Aalto crafted some legendary pieces, such as the Savoy Vase and Paimio 41 Chair. Ground breaking and distinct design that is still purchased and utilised within interiors around the world today.

He who buys what he does not need steals from himself – Swedish Proverb


Verner Panton superbly used modern materials to form sophisticated and simplistic furniture items such as the Pantone chair with mouldable plastic forming a fluid and angular shape that is striking yet comfortable in essence. Scandinavian style is focused on good design being available to everyone, with happiness and well-being being the focal point for that space.