How To: tame the mess and tidy your home

There is nothing more satisfying than feeling like you have a methodically tidy home, but it does not have to be a ‘spring clean’ task – it is doable to get on top of your mess at any point in the year by employing clever storage, wardrobe space and shelf ideas.

Here I list 4 ways in which you can tame the clutter:


An easy and cost-effective system of creating a simple storage solution as well as tidying up any chaos from tables or desk surfaces. The storage can be placed in almost any space, you can either fill a whole wall or simply select a mini shelving option, either way utilising an unused wall is a terrific approach at strategically organising items and minimising untidiness.


Storage units that are freestanding are the most flexible furniture pieces you can play around with when it comes to tidying your mess. You have the liberty to pick and choose any style, colour or décor era and can position this anywhere in your home. Open shelves for well used or visually appealing items or closed drawers for a minimalist look, the options are limitless, and this is a productive way to tidy away all your ‘stuff’.


A great tool in generating zoned areas within an open space as well as providing significant storage solutions. Room dividers generate separate vicinities quite easily that can transform the way you live and use the space. They are also a skilful opportunity to flaunt some of your more prized possessions and trinkets. A cluster of objects, fun memorable photographs or a row of coffee table books – here you can visually showcase the items you love.


Purpose your wardrobe to categorise your clothing and accessories, break them down into hanging or folded items, jumpers and tops, jeans and skirts as well as themes of work, weekend, night out, formal and fitness. You can also buy an inexpensive clothing rail to keep your most used or seasonal items out on display, a way to celebrate and appreciate your most beautiful clothing.