Small Space Style

Regardless of the size of your home, it should be a welcoming, charming space that clearly communicates your personality and style. With renters and first-time buyers, there is often a tendency to hold off decorating their (sometimes) marginally smaller spaces than the fantasy homes they dreamed they would move into. However, an understanding of the space you inhabit, and clever planning mean it is possible to decorate your small home in a way that is ‘on trend’, desirable and ultra-stylish. Sara Emslie explores these methods in her book ‘Small Space Style’, and here I list her key points to creatively approaching a ‘small space’:


Multi functional furniture is a fantastic way to occupy a small space without clutter and there are endless possibilities to the styling and story your home can tell. Embrace open spaces and concentrate on zoning your home, separating each area with subtle furnishing touches.

Utilising space in a considered and creative way is best put to use with regards to the storage you will need. No spare piece of wall should go untouched, but it is a fine line between cleverly placing shelving and boxing yourself in! Play around – run narrow shelves up the wall all the way to the ceiling, purchase furniture with hidden storage and most importantly – declutter your stuff!

“To create a successful small space requires hard-working design and styling ideas, not to mention strict spatial discipline” – Sara Emslie


Focus on lighting and reflective materials, these will enhance your space and make your home feel expansive and open. A well-placed mirror and white light shades help create a fluid sense of balance and harmonious ambience. When it comes to the colour palette, focus on clean, lighter hues, making sure to avoid any bold or brazen pattern use.

“Our living spaces should be inviting, comfortable and a joy to spend time in, regardless of their size” – Sara Emslie


Display your most treasured pieces rather than hiding them away and feeling like they take up valuable space. These items will reveal your distinct character and individuality and should be seen in order to be appreciated. Find a special corner or nook and practically but proudly display your curated pieces in an unfussy manner.