How To: create the cosiest bedroom

The start of the year can often feel dreary and drawn out, with dark nights, frosty temperatures and long months ahead before the buzz of summer. Your home can be your haven during these monotonous times and making sure it is a comfy and welcoming space is easily achievable. Our bedrooms are the best place to escape the big bad world, settle in with a good book or Netflix binge and snuggle into an inviting bed – here I list 5 ways to achieve total cosiness in your bedroom:


A vital element in creating a restful bedroom is ensuring your bedding is high quality, comfortable and as alluring as they come. Wrap yourself into a warm cocoon and embrace soft tactile fabrics.


As well as selecting your bedside lights with calm and tranquillity in mind, always include a flicker of candlelight to enhance the senses. A subtle fragrance can help you feel peaceful and guarantee you are able to unwind after a long day.


As far as I am concerned, you can never have enough throws or cushions on a bed (I have 10 cushions and 2 throws on mine as we speak!). Add a variety of textures to your bed for ultimate decadence.


A darker room can feel soothing and you can achieve this without the hassle of breaking the bank and redecorating. Simply swap your bedding for some darker tones, such as this comforting green option. A dose of stylish calm that will help you get a good night’s sleep.


As I said before, you can never layer up too much in my opinion – and this includes the bedroom floor. Include an opulent and cosy rug either by your bedside or along the base of the bed… or both!