Classic Blue – Colour of the Year 2020

It is that time again…  when Pantone announces their Colour of the Year and we are treated to an insight within the design world and what we will be sure to see crop up in upcoming months in fashion, music, technology and of course interior design – and for 2020 we have Classic Blue.

Described as a “timeless and enduring hue elegant in its simplicity”, Classic Blue is a calming and evocative colour that reminds us of both sky and earth, where the sea meets the horizon and we are left with a sense of zen and serenity. With the arrival of a new year and new decade, Pantone has played it safe with a classic colour, rich in nostalgia (blue was also their first colour of the year in 2000) that offers clarity and quiet from everchanging and polarizing political and socio-economic times.

Classic blue has always been a popular choice with interior designers due to its versatility, and here I list 3 keys ways in which it can be included within your home and décor:


A fantastic way to incorporate this colour into your space is to mix and match with alternative blue hues. Fully commit and drench your space in blue tones, such as above with the dark velvety curtains, teamed with a pop of eccentricity in the upholstery and a relaxed blue backdrop – these combinations can be bold or simplistic, it all depends on how you want your space to feel.


For maximum impact envelop your walls in tranquil Classic Blue! It is the perfect setting with a richness and warmth that is engaging. Fill your space with the ethereal quality of this colour, which works best in bedrooms and bathroom due to its composure and reassuring nature.

“It’s a color that anticipates what’s going to happen next” – Laurie Pressman, vice president of Pantone Color Institute


A small hint of Classic blue can be eye catching and add character and eclecticism that will not overpower or dominate within your home. A cosy corner or an accent feature such as these plush armchairs feel vividly regal yet restrained.