Botanical Style

The application of nature within our interiors have transformed through the years – from the increased popularity of plant life within 1970s mid-century homes to recent trends of bold palm prints or boho terrariums, there are no limitations or restrictions within botanical style. A varied source for colour and pattern inspiration, floral and plant imagery can be utilised in all sorts of interior styles and is often a more economical way of enhancing individuality and character within your space.

Here are 5 ways to embrace botanical style in your home:


Characterised by relaxed textiles along with summery colours, bohemian style can be complimented via moody florals and energetic pops of pattern. Vintage furniture and alluring accents teamed with countryside floral displays result in a cosy and glowing reminder of long summer nights.  Top Tip: Antiques work well with freshly cut flowers, injecting some vivacity and fragrance into these charming vintage pieces.


Rough, rustic and raw – industrial style homes benefit from the inclusion of plant life, softening a modern space. Natural and leafy botanicals compliment hard fixtures and textures, such as concrete surfaces or well-worn leather furnishings. This juxtaposition of manmade rough material with organic greenery can feel refreshing, stimulating as well as comforting. Top Tip: Group succulents together in urban style plant pots for maximum contemporary impact.

“Naturally occurring colour combination found in landscapes, flora and fauna are often the most pleasing matches and patterns formed by plants and flowers have been reproduced onto all sorts of things for hundreds of years.” – Selina Lake


A bold yet elegant manner of incorporating botanical style in your home is to focus on large-scale prints and patterns, such as this dark moody floral wallpaper. An intimate and inviting impression created with romantic flowers such as roses or peonies. Certainly, a statement style when teamed with modern accents that forms a dramatic and thrilling interior. Top Tip: For ultimate home opulence, combine floral wallpaper with rich, luscious velvets such as comfy armchair or some accent cushions.

Botanicals by Season – Selina Lake

  • Spring – white magnolia and cherry blossom
  • Summer – hydrangeas, sweet peas and lavender
  • Autumn – dahlia and carnation
  • Winter – eucalyptus and berries


The inclusion of naturally foraged foliage within your home is as timeless as it is versatile. This form of earthy botanical style can work well in many interiors but is particularly apt within modern or scandi decorated homes. The ultimate way to bring the outside indoors, lush greenery inserts a freshness to your space that is rejuvenating and calming. Top Tip: Simplistic branches in large glass vases or jars or hanging branches add a touch of organic and modest style to your space.



There is a retro quality to tropical botanicals within interiors, a reminder of classic prints such as the iconic banana leaf ‘Martinique’ wallpaper made famous in the Beverly Hills Hotel by designer Don Loper, 1942. This jungle style has had a resurgence in recent years and is acutely effective with modern accents such as neon lighting. A glamorous and exotic method to embrace plant inspiration at home, the more brash, bold and vibrant the print the more of statement space. Top Tip: If a daringly eclectic home is not for you, small spaces such as your bathroom or even a wallpapered cupboard can feature tropical palm prints – a touch of gaudy fun that will not overpower your home.