Minimalist Christmas

Christmas can be a time of stress and excess  – the chaos of completing your ever growing to do list seems impossible, the anxiety of watching your bank balance slowly deplete and desperately  trying to sum up energy in order to get through the final month of the year. In addition to all this disorder, our interiors seem to be reflecting the shambles of the festive season with numerous decorations that seemingly consume our space and take over our homes. Although I do enjoy the fun of decorating and creating a festive and wintery theme, this year I am inclined to embrace a more minimalist approach. Less is more and scaling back on the decor can be just as affective in creating a restful and inviting atmosphere in which you can enjoy the warmth and joy of Christmas time.


Minimalism often relies on a neutral palette to form an understated and simplistic style. Well placed monochromatic Christmas decorations look merry in any room and add a sense of cosy serenity such as the unadorned hanging grey stockings above.


This year I have designed these hand painted stones as part of my Christmas decor in order to insert a Scandi inspired purity that will spark festive joy. Decorative stones like these are very uncomplicated to place within your home, whether you use them as paper weights, gathered together above a fireplace or merely on their own by your bedside or on a coffee table. They are the ultimate minimalist decoration and can be utilised year in year out.




Last year I attended a macrame Christmas decoration workshop in which we crafted these hanging snowflakes. I use mine as a table decoration on my hallway console, but another great idea would be to hang them in your windows or perhaps along a fire place instead of a stocking. Having a homemade  decoration like this is not only refined and graceful in style but is also far more economical. There is something special about decorations that you have created with your own hands, plus the added bonus of saving some pennies along the way.


Another one of my homemade pieces, these macrame wreaths are modest nonetheless eye catching. I have created them in two sizes –  one large for the front door or entryway and the other a simpler smaller option for anywhere in the home you choose (I have put mine beside the bathtub for those extra Hygge vibes). Traditional but with a minimalist twist, these wreaths combine nature with a bohemian feel that can add cosiness and an ease of manner to your home.



Bring nature indoors with your Christmas tree by forgoing the usual array of baubles, tinsel and a shooting star, and instead leaving it bare. A stripped down Christmas tree can still feel homely, inviting and also very calming – plus there is the added bonus of not having the cat constantly knock down your decorations.


Turing to greenery is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to decorate for a minimalist Christmas. A simple branch gathered from your garden can be added to a vase or some mason jars as a centre piece table decoration. You can even try your hand at minimalist gift wrapping with plain paper and a leaf in place of a Christmas bow. Understated, modern yet still feels just as jolly and festive as ever.