Terracotta Palette


When Dulux announced their colour for 2019 was Spiced Honey it reignited my love for rich and earthy Mediterranean shades, and throughout the year I have been drawn to Terracotta tones –   like my new dusty pink cushions or the Pinterest board I obsessively add to. Terracotta is a subtly sophisticated palette that can energise your home as well as add a touch of soothing tranquillity.

Here I list 4 ways to feature this colour within your home:



With Autumn in full swing a great way to bring this season indoors is to feature Terracotta on your walls. Toasted orange shades that remind you of seasonal fallen leaves can feel inviting, nourishing and add some eclectic interest to your walls. Whether you experiment with paint such as this appealing combination of pink, white and terracotta or you utilise the rustic clay style wallpapers that look as natural and authentic as the real thing, Terracotta walls can envelope and entice.



Tactile textures in warm rustic shades are as versatile as they are timeless, and Melbourne restaurant Fonda Mexican designed by Studio Esteta demonstrates this through the balance of a comforting neutral backdrop with rich terracotta leather seating. Inspired by the architecture of Mexico, Studio Esteta uses this rusty raw palette to design a space that is purposeful and harmonious with the detailing of rattan chairs and screens shared with muted blue hues.



Terracotta tiles are reminiscent of those featured in an exotic Mediterranean farmhouse and can ensure a home feels like a faraway haven. A place to press pause and regroup, cold tiled floors accented with comfy and luxurious rugs will leave the impression of optimism and sanguinity.



Terracotta is mostly commonly associated with traditional pottery or organic baskets and utilising these within your home creates a sentiment of vitality and reflection. Rough textures and countless shades of fawn, beige or coffee can be the cool accent needed to inject brightness and refinement to your home. Terracotta shades can be effortlessly included in countless interior styles and it is these toasted tones that will add a sense of balance and warmth when needed.