Ballindalloch Castle


Continuing on my tour around some of the most remarkable and magnificent castles in the Scottish Highlands – next up was Ballindalloch Castle. Erected in 1546 and resorted in 1850, the castle is situated in the heart of Speyside and known as the ‘Pearl of the North’, with the River Spey and Avon running through the grounds, luscious woodlands and stunning gardens, it is a spectacular place to visit.


Upon entering the castle you are greeted with the Macpherson-Grant coat of arms in stone above the doorway. “Ye lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in”.  


Home to the Macpherson-Grant family since the 16th century, you can feel the homely warmth that has been maintained throughout various generations, with the interior displaying unique character and attention to detail. Classic features such as a spiral staircase that leads to the Highland Tower, as well as the basement dungeon add an impression of classicalism and sense of history that is truly fascinating.

The Drawing Room encompasses fabulous furnishings such as the oval Sheraton table and original gilded mirror from the 1750s.
The dining room has classic American Pine wall panelling and a feature fireplace with ornamentation representing the family coat of arms.
The library hosts original European literature from the 18th and 19th century, a prized and significant collection begun by Colonel William Grant. The castle also is home to a fantastic collection of classic 17th century Spanish paintings.


A castle filled with historically influenced styles and one of a kind architectural and furnishing details, such as a marble chimney, the refined oak staircase and a cherry wood grandeur four poster bed. A noble and dramatic interior that still manages to feel like a lived in and intimate space.