Rainbow Palette



This bathroom is luxurious as the bold red walls make the room feel modern and sophisticated. The symbolism of red in interior design is often associated with confidence, high passion and power, illustrated in this bathroom as it is a small space turned into a focal feature area in a home. The large inviting bath invites you to take time to indulge and take time out from daily life. Red often signifies richness and excitement, and paired with the matching flooring it makes the space fresher, calmer and more feminine.




Blue is associated with dignity, nobility and poise, it has a calming effect and is therefore a good colour choice for the bedroom. Blue inhabits qualities of relaxation and serenity. Bright blue walls teamed with the patterned cushions and bedding evoke a tone of balance, peace and comfort, as it does not overpower and is visually soothing. This bedroom has a fresh and contemporary feel and adds to the notion of blue being a more tailored and current colour.




Interiors in a yellow palette uplift and introduce a cheery and optimistic feel. Yellow is associated with warmth, confidence and hope, as the most visible colour on the spectrum. This space has a playful and radiant appeal to the eye, the yellow painted wall contributing to the lightness of the room, suggesting sunlight and lifts spirits. Yellow encourages communication and is therefore perfect for a living space.  Signifying a cheerful, creative and joyful premise that radiates into the rest of the space.




Orange is associated with strength and endurance, it is a strong, bold colour that adds warmth and energy to an interior. The orange chairs are a fabulous accent colour and works well with the glossy black table lights and golden accents. Bright orange became fashionable in the Art Deco period, the patterned carpet and pendant lighting demonstrates the superior relationship between orange and that particular style. It is a friendly yet dominant colour that attracts visually and encourages socialisation and evokes images of sunsets, spices and changing seasons.




Green has a tranquil effect in this living space, as it does not over power the feel of the room, even though it is evident in many various textures and forms (sofa, cushions, paint, wall art, plants). This is because green is an earnest, comforting, relaxed colour that embodies nature and peace in its symbolism. There is a freshness to this room, that is stimulating yet peaceful in its ambience.




This bedroom show how the bold purple wall and the lilac bedding harmonise perfectly to create a strong interior. Purples and Violets signify sensitivity, spirituality and are often favoured by those with good taste and liking for the arts as they are theatrical and creative. Taking a touch of this colour can add exuberance and charm to an every day space. Team this colour with gold, luxe pendant lighting to enhances the feel of decadence and vibrancy in an interior space.