Eclectic Style


Defining ‘eclectic’ style can be somewhat of a challenge, as it is a term that is thrown around loosely in defining interiors. What can be said for sure is a home that represents eclecticism is one that is rich in character and humour and as you enter you get a real sense of the homeowner’s personality and lifestyle. You can redefine and customize your habitat with eclectic style by embracing the new, motivational and unexpected. Create a vibrant interior by combining styles, eras and a theme that flows through your home.



Cool Britannia represents the mood of British culture throughout the decades, motivated by music, politics and fashion. Interiors that are inspired by this design represent eclecticism in a dynamic and unique way. A cohesive blend of old and new, with the layering of bold colours and unpredictable textures and patterns. Think Britpop union jacks with Paul Smith daring stripes and you have a space that is energetic, creative and fun. With the addition of relevant books, art work and fabrics the space comes to life and is adventurous in its commitment to style and authenticity.


Interiors inspired by 1950s style often incorporate mid-century furniture pieces, bright colours and geometric shapes. This eclectic design is easily identified and recreated by clean lines highlighted with curved smooth angles. American retro, where the kitchen is the heart of the home and modish pieces such as the Charles and Ray Eames chair and exposed bulbs in lighting signify an ease of living. Think of swing dancing, full flared skirts and abstract art. It is a look that connects organic with man-made materials, and is a medley of functional comfort yet bold style. This eclecticism is bright, inviting and encourages you to live vividly.



Creating an eclectic scheme in your home can evolve simply from a song or sentence, and one style where this is experiencing a revival is with country western. Incorporating this within your interior can be achieved by the inspiration of vintage details, feminine colours and the ever-popular cacti concept. The Nashville music scene with modern musicians such as Kacey Musgraves and Lady Antebellum stimulating an eclectic taste of leather furniture, vintage denim, gold and brass details and equestrian elegance. Have a few accessories out on display to interpret fun country western influences such as treasures and finds from antique shops and market stalls.



There is a simplicity to black and white tones within modern interiors, yet bringing them together in a versatile and extraordinary way and you can form a home that is eclectic and unique. The dark and downbeat themes of film noir incorporated into your space with a touch of classic and chic style. Old Hollywood legends such as Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart recall an era of simple, no fuss style that is rich in majestic scale and symmetry. Monochrome textiles and prints on wallpaper teamed with gold and marble finishes are symbolic of a timeless and sophisticated movement; Coco Chanel meets Art Deco. A home that is distinct and breaks all the rules of modern interiors.



The most recent eclectic style to be born into fashion, art and interiors, tropical vintage creates imagery of pastel colours, bohemian treasures, graphic motifs and botanical life. Assorted patterns and mis-match furniture is inspired by thinking outside the box – the new bohemia. An exuberant and joyful design that can be achieved with tropical and festive elements, such as Hawaiian prints, re-imagined vintage furniture and hand-made craftsmanship. A home that represents wanderlust life, it can tell a story of your travels and adventures and is delightful and jubilant in nature.

Having an interior that fits into ‘eclectic’ style means not having to temper your vision or conform to an already established design. You can tell your own story and reflect your individual personality through the creative directory of your home. Avoid chaos and instead create harmony with a space that ‘speaks to you’. Commit to a style that reflects who you are and remember to be brave and bold, to take a leap of faith and realise your dream for your home.



Written by Jalan Robertson. Originally featured on