Antique Shopping


One of my absolute favourite things about moving up to the Scottish highlands is the great mix of antique and vintage finds tucked away in little treasure troves like this place, a stones throw from Inverness, just off the A9. A charming collection of everything from furniture to smaller collectible pieces, it is a step back in time and a fantastic place to discover something totally unique for your interior.


Whilst one person may look at this a see utter chaos, I see the potential to discover quirky and one of a kind pieces that are in need of a new home.


A vintage ceramic phrenology head that would possibly cost quite a bit more on the high street. A perfect accessory for an eclectic or macabre interior space to add character and quirk.


My antique shopping weakness are these old medicine glass bottles. I adore the faded labels and varying shapes and styles to each one. Honestly, I have to regularly stop myself buying them all! The perfect accent pieces to a display cabinet or carefully put together book case.




This old phone booth was hidden away and is definitely a high end collectible. The rustic lockers would work fantastically in an industrial modern interior, placed in a hallway and used for coats and shoes, or they could be repurposed as storage within a living space or bedroom.



When searching through antique and vintage shops you never know what you will find, and what better place to acquire something with appeal, charm and a story to add personality and allure to your home. I cannot wait to continue antique ‘hunting’ across the Scottish highlands and share more of what I unearth.