White Palette

All-white schemes within home interiors have always been considered a safe and sound base that you can add style and character to – a blank palette in which to express your style. However, the idea of keeping your space plain and neutral has become increasingly popular within design as simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.



Introducing a variety of textiles and soft furnishings is the most successful way to stylize your white palette. A white room does not need to feel cold or clinical, but with the modest introduction of some comfortable cushions, chucky knits or fluffy throws the space can be transformed into feeling warm, chic, inviting and cosy.



White palette interiors can be complimented most effectively by organic and natural materials. Wooden floors, panelled walls and original stone fireplaces can add the extra appeal and inspiration that a neutral room may need to showcase the history and occupant’s personality. Let the architectural elements of your space take focus and show off your furnishings with a simple, serene white space.



In order to add some visual interest and individuality to your room, layer your white backdrop with textures, fabrics and décor pieces such as art work, photography etc. This also gives you an opportunity to introduce some colour later on if you wish. When decorating having a white palette is cost effective and budget friendly, as you will never tire of neutrals and therefore will not be influenced by passing trends or interior fads.



White palettes do not necessarily mean crisp white paint on all your walls – there is huge range of neutrals that you can choose from. Frosty ice whites to balmy snug creams, neutral never goes out of fashion and you are able to select the perfect tone and hue for your home. A well-designed space that is welcoming and calming, a savvy take on modern minimalism. Creating a home with a predominately white colour palette that is inviting as well as stylish is not so difficult a challenge.