Modern Country

Modern Country has become a key style within interior design that produces a harmonious space with a warmth of character. Interiors that are formed with a rustic mood and modern touches are the epitome of uncomplicated elegance, and work well within a rural or urban environment. Approaching this style within your own home can be easy, and following a few simple steps you can create a space that is comforting, restorative and innovative.




Gone are the days when country style was characterized by traditional patterns, bright colours and stripes here, there and everywhere. One of the more exciting traits of Modern Country is the evolving colour palette. Pared back tones and muted and moody hues are a novel way to compliment the raw and earthy style of country, injecting some contemporary charm into the space. A calm elegance that is reminiscent of nature, yet is also dark and edgy and fits a rural setting.



Modern Country can be achieved by simple furnishings within your home, mainly mixing more traditional pieces with striking modern accents. Creating a colourful blend of vintage or hand-made finds with contemporary details results in an intriguing mix of old and new and adds versatility and measured individuality to your home. Follow the mantra of less is more and keep your furnishings simple; a comfortable yet traditionally upholstered sofa or chair, teamed with modern and sculptural lighting is unexpected yet a great contrast that appears effortless and exquisite.



Keep note of the more typical materials and architectural elements of a country house, such as exposed brick, wooden beams and natural stone celebrating the texture and character these bring to your home in a fresh, modern way. Introduce a rustic palette into cutting edge design by utilising these organic materials that become better with age. An example of this is preserving the original materials in your home such as wooden flooring or panelling, enjoying these durable, unrefined features within your design. The stylish contrast between these ingredients is a way of authentically bringing nature into our homes and lives no matter where we live, whether it be a quiet town or bustling city; rural life through contemporary design.



A key aspect within Modern Country style is to implement restraint when decorating with home accessories. Keep your space minimal by playing with open spaces and streamlined furniture. Rather than traditional cabinetry on walls which is a key element of country design, use open shelving to display well-chosen and simple accessories, such as clear glassware and vintage ceramics. These touches create a beautiful display yet it is understated and uncluttered, adding to the innovative and modern-day charm within your space.


An interior that embodies Modern Country will have the charisma and warmth of a traditional country home, yet by following a more modern design aesthetic this space ends up exuding a quiet sophistication and grace. By celebrating and appreciating nature within your design in a low-key and modern way, you create rhythm within a home that is a calming haven away from a busy city life wherever you chose to be.



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