Soho House

Originally set up as a private member’s club in 1995, Soho House has grown into a global brand, opening 17 clubs around the world that puts comfort at the forefront of its design. People quickly took note of the restful yet stylish spaces, and as the brand grew so did the sophisticated and eccentric interiors. Over the year’s various designers have been brought in to add their personal touch to some of the Soho projects, and the empire has launched a Home line of their own. At the heart of its design Soho House ties luxury with comfort and laid back cool, and it is a ‘look’ that is widely coveted and can be recreated in your own home.



COOL – Soho Dean Street

Labelled a space in the centre of London to ‘work, meet and relax’, Soho Dean Street interiors are cool yet traditional and a perfect homage to the gentlemen’s club era. In order to recreate this classic and stylish interior, you can start with a palette of rich and earthy tones. Plain walls painted in darker muted colours with a matte finish and contemporary British Art or black and white photos positioned irregularly. Team this with rich textiles such as tapestry cushions and Persian rugs, velvet drapes and worn leather seats to finish off a space that is classic yet with a masculine undertone.


CHIC – Soho Farmhouse

Soho Farmhouse is a retreat in the Oxfordshire countryside, with cabins and barns decorated to exude a chic country style that is as homely as it is contemporary. To achieve this look in your home, focus on the snug bedrooms that are bright and airy but rich in comfort and decadence. Use a mix of soft whites, pale tones and pastels in your finishes to create a palette that gives a cool but relaxed feel. Oversized beds are a key concept within this design look, with large headboards in luxurious textures. Layering fabrics and textiles to create different feels, luscious rugs, sofas with giant cosy cushions and throws all placed in front of a wood burning stove that creates a cosy and intimate feeling away from the busy and stressful city life.


BOLD – The Electric

The restaurant and bar situated on a vibrant Portobello Road, recreates the ambiance of a gentlemen’s club with the masculine yet luxurious interior that hints of bygone glamour. Creating a bold space for entertaining can be achieved by combining hard and soft within your finishes, with vintage leather ottomans and stools, deep velvet sofas and soft lighting. Within the Soho Home range there are lighting options that can recreate this feel of an urban sanctuary that is laid back and sophisticated in its interior.


COSY – Babington House

A Georgian House that truly demonstrates the interior of an English country home with a contemporary twist. Bright bedrooms with an injection of pattern and lush fabrics are a haven for relaxing and achieved by the luxurious free standing baths and the traditional fireplaces. It is possible to recreate this rural escape that is rooted in traditional style but with a unique flavour. Make your space a cosy one and a place to unwind by focusing on the bathroom and the large indulgent bathtubs. Mixing more traditional patterned wallpaper with contemporary elements such as vintage.



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