Coffee Table Styling

As an interior design student I am always looking at the smaller details to pull a room together, creating a space that is delightful, stylish and eye catching. One of the easiest ways to personalise and style a room, is to focus on the coffee table – using unique collected pieces, scented candles, impressive coffee table books and so on, to purposefully arrange and shape these items forming a superb centre piece to your living room.

Here we have 5 tips for you to consider and follow when styling your own coffee table:



The main point to consider when styling your coffee table is to think about functionality.  What are your needs when you are in this room? If it is a space for you to relax, sit back and maybe read through some of your favourite coffee table books or your latest magazines, then you should focus on this when styling your table. Top Styling Tip: Use some of the bigger hardback books and stack them in a neat pile to keep your table stylized, maybe created two piles for extra organization, or separate your magazines and place the most photographically pleasing one on top.



Interior styling is always strongly influenced by colour – and coffee table styling is no different. Always consider your palette when placing items on your table, whether it be colour matching your books, adding a pop of something bright and patterned for visual interest or playing with the texture within your space. A rustic wooden coffee table is complimented by natural textures and darker moody colours to create unison and beauty within your home.



My favourite method with styling a coffee table is to introduce florals and botanicals. This is a simple and cheap way to add some luxury, life and magnificence to your coffee table. Whether you draw attention by placing some little succulents on a tray or use larger than life florals and plants in order to steal the show – botanicals are a styling trend that are in no way going out of fashion, and can make your space feel exquisite and striking. Top Styling Tip: Things look better in 3’s.



One of the more difficult elements of styling your coffee table is ensuring it remains uncluttered and purposefully styled. A great way to achieve this is to use decorative trays – place your collected items, candles, perfumes etc. on top making sure there is symmetry in how you place them. You want to have visual balance in order for the table to looked stylised, placing things together to create mini collections.



I would say the most exciting element of styling your space is that you get to inject your own personality into your home. When focusing on styling your coffee table, any items, collectables or favourite pieces you own should be included. We like to use our vintage glassware as decorative interest, an addition of elegance, variety and allure to a plain coffee table.


Your coffee table needn’t be an area to just dump all your bits and bobs – Styling your table can be an easy, cost effective and wonderful way to put your personal touch on your space. Books and precious collectables that you like to look at and appreciate everyday can be included, gorgeous scented candles to uplift your mood, there are many ways to style and decorate your table ensuring it is a ‘collected look’ that is charming, unique and fabulous.