Purist Style

Modern life in which daily pressures, a chaotic lifestyle and an over stimulation of our attention and senses take precedence, it is a relief to have a home that is simple yet authentic in its design. A place in which there is clarity of intention in the overall design as well as the smaller details. Everything has a purpose and remains true to it’s essence. It is possible to create a home that is striking yet with restraint in its décor by focusing on a few key features.



Choosing high quality materials is a key detail in purist and minimal design. It is the notion of ‘less is more’ and ‘quality over quantity’. High quality materials such as a marble backdrop in your kitchen, will stand the test of time and are therefore a clever investment as well as significant in designing a feature that conveys confidence and elegance in an understated way. They are the focal point of any room and giving them space will enable you to fully realise the art of minimal living.



Incorporating luxurious details into your decor is a central element in a purist and minimalist home. Symbolised by high quality materials such as marble, copper, brass, wood and concrete, Luxe finishes in your home will give character and context as well as blend a modern feel with a natural style.



Clean open spaces create clarity and order in the home, and having discipline in your furnishings will allow you to show off the form and function of your home in an effortless and uncomplicated way. Architectural details such as high ceilings, various windows and open plans allow for space, light and air that encourages a crisp and clean way of living. Smaller details, such as flat panels in your cabinetry instead of door pulls that can distract the eye and create clutter, will present a clean and neutral purist and yet practical style.



Scandinavian inspired interiors are known for their minimalism in which white is a key trademark. However recently this approach to interior design has welcomed colour, albeit mostly muted colours such as creams, cool greys and pastels. Adding one or two vibrant accent colours to your space can influence the tone and feeling, contributing to the light and airy quality of a purist home but with a touch of personality.



Texture and form is vital within purist and minimal designs as they add visual significance to a room, lifting the interiors to the next level. If your space has a similar colour palette, introducing differing texture and form will provide visual interest whilst also maintaining balance within your design. A white kitchen with clean lines and unassuming designs can be elevated by a single brick wall, creating a warm atmosphere that is as calm as it is engaging.


Purist and Minimal interior design is achieved primarily through simplicity in form, materials and details. Paring everything down to the essentials draws attention to the space we inhabit and importantly how and with what we choose to fill our homes. It is a way of life as well as a design aesthetic combining minimalism, classic style and luxury.


Blog post written by Jalan Robertson – originally featured on Decology.com