Ultraviolet – Colour of the Year 2018

When Pantone announced the colour of 2018 was Ultra violet, I have to admit I was rather doubtful and uncertain of the connection within the interior design world. The notion of deep purples and vivacious hues of violet in the home is a little too daring and bold for my taste. However, throughout the year I have seen the inspiration and influence of violets in design, fashion and our everyday environment.


Pantone described Ultraviolet as a “provocative and thoughtful purple shade that embodies individuality and spirituality.” This is figurative of the political and cultural world we live in, forever searching for the unique and exclusivity that epitomises ‘who we are’.



Ultra violet requires imagination and an awareness of expression that is exceptional, bold and inventive. It alludes to creative expression, such as the influence of iconic stars – think David Bowie’s Starman and Prince. Applying Ultra violet within interiors personifies this notion of testing boundaries and ensuring your home is the embodiment of originality and ingenuity.


Ultra violet refers to the galaxy and mysteries of the cosmos, and we can connect this to our interiors by experimenting with our surroundings and the vast space with in the home. Anything is possible, and we are not limited within the scope of our imagination. When building an interior décor that is confident and striking, consider that ultraviolet can be the tool necessary to get there.


Spiritual reflection, the exhilaration of space and galaxy as well as inventive expression and the stimuluses that drive us are all embodied with Ultra violet – be brave, be bold and most of all be innovative.