Bathroom Lighting

The interior design process is an evolving and exhilarating one and selecting your lighting scheme is imperative in ensuring the right ambiance is created within your home. However, bathrooms can often be left out of this process, and where we may be daring and imaginative with living or bedroom lighting, the bathroom tends to be given a more innocuous and traditional approach. Upgrading our bathroom lighting is a way to think outside the box and establish a space that is confident and unique. There are many designs we can incorporate into these areas, here are a few examples that add visual interest and create the appropriate mood within our home.

Task Lighting


Our bathrooms are a key part of our daily ritual, where we start and end our day, and it is essential that we form the suitable ambiance to moderate our mood at these crucial moments. Wall scones are a great idea to enhance your space and make your bathroom feel dynamic. Placing them by your vanity mirror and sink can create illuminated flattering lighting and make-over a mundane tasking area into a sleek and striking vicinity within your interior.

Spa Inspired


Producing a bathroom that is serene and calming can evoke feelings of being transformed into a retreat and spa inspired space, and re-creating this aura within your home is the ultimate indulgence in design. Pendant lighting can stylishly convert your bathroom into a zen like place with a dreamy ambiance and vibe that is ideal for relaxing. Unwind in style and escape within your own home from the stress and hassle of modern living with harmonious lighting schemes that are appeasing and atmospheric.

Accent Pieces


Bathrooms are not usually an area in the home that gets much consideration, but our love of design does not have to be restricted from this space. In fact, an eclectic or accent piece, style or mix is an underestimated way to modify your bathroom into an exceptional and sophisticated space that is just as exciting and refined as any other area in the home. Find an accent piece that suits your style and provides both character and functionality in order to give your bathroom extra energy.


Within interiors lighting can be a great way to signify your charm and personality, and being more assured with your design approach in the bathroom is a way to subtly upgrade your space and home. Enhancing your bathroom lighting can ensure every morning and night you are in an area that is enlivening and distinguishing. Compliment your home with a cohesive approach to your lighting design, and transform a frequently used room into a haven that is rich with personality, allure and design.